Posted on Monday December 17th, 2018

The money that you can get on behalf of your jewellery or ornaments or raw form of Gold is referred to as Gold Loan. It is often carried out by people to satisfy their needs of urgent cash in any matter may be regarding the purchase of a property, investment in business, marriage, education or any other motive. It is a practical method to gain a considerable amount in a period not more than two hours.

Why opt for this method to fulfil your requirement?
There are different possible ways to seek financial help but Gold Loan is preferred by many of us because
● You can get the amount between 1 lakh to 50 lakhs on your preserved assets.
● It is followed by quick dispersal.
● You get free security for your jewellery and no additional security or guarantee requirements to fulfil the financial needs.
● It can be approved with the least documentation.
● Lower interest rates, it can be as low as 10%.
● Quick approval of the Instant Gold Loan.
● Apart from approval, there is speedy processing. You get your money in your hand within hours.

Eligibility Criteria:
This a process that is in easy reach of the public. Look the following specifications to know who all can apply for the process:
● This financial support is open for all be it professional, private job, salaried person, regular income group, or homemaker. Anyone and everyone can acquire the “Loan Against Gold“.
● There is just one criterion that you need to fulfil that is you must be minimum 18 years old.
● There is no essential requirement if you should be earning. Even if you are unemployed you can apply for this kind of finance.
● The ornaments or jewellery owned by you must be minimum 20 carats pure or with the above purity levels.
● The loan would be provided only for gold and no other stone like diamond or any other valuables.

What is the essential Documentation for the application process?
● You just require your latest passport size photograph.
● An address proof that should be the permanent address. You can provide telephone bill or electricity bill or any other valid proof in support.
● The government approved Identity proof it may be an Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving licence and so on.
With the above availability, you are eligible to apply either online or offline. You can get the finance easily on your assets instantaneously.

Final Words:
If you are also in some urgency or stuck due to lack of cash. Do not worry you can get the money on the basis of your property or assets in terms of gold jewellery or ornaments. Almost each of us invests in it, thinking of our future. Well, you can utilize it at the time of need and get a very high amount at the low-interest rates. So, what are you waiting for look for the specifications in the blog and get the money in your hand to support your present necessities.