Posted on Friday November 30th, 2018

With an increase in information, many people began to realize that gold is the most influential instrument in the India. The yellow metal holds a great power as an asset that can be easily liquidated. It is considered as an excellent hedge when market conditions are volatile and inflation is high. The conditions hold true making gold a sought after investment option. It is the only asset that can be purchased for its universal acceptance as a currency. In case of emergencies, you may opt to pledge your gold and avail the required amount. Many banks and NBFCs are actively engaged in providing loan against gold. It has played a great role by providing liquidity for an idle asset kept in the safe. After having exhausted from all the option of procuring friends and family, you can avail gold loan at ShubhBank. We provide 70-80% “LOAN AGAINST GOLD AT LOWER INTEREST RATES“. Opting for a gold loan instead of personal loan is becoming a norm for both urban and rural individuals. It is widely recognized as acceptable means of raising funds for meeting urgent money needs. The interest rates offered on gold loan are far cheaper than a personal loan and have other additional benefits.

Gold loan rates are highly dependent on the safety margin that means if you are pledging more jewelry for the same loan amount then interest rates will be conclusively lower. Providing the jewelry as collateral security helps in decreasing the rates. The value of the loan is calculated over the market value of the jewelry and the best thing is that it is irrespective of your credit history. In case of emergencies, where instant money is required, one can enjoy the benefits of a hassle free disbursement of loan as it is the easiest and quickest option available. The repayment term can be structured between the interest rate amount and the principle amount. They are generally accepted to fund your needs for a short period with minimal eligibility criteria of ID proof and your jewelry. The best feature is that you do not need to list out for what purpose you are going to use the loan quantum. You can avail your yellow metal back as the principle amount has been repaid which you have put up as a security. We use traditional techniques to check the gold quality since we have to give the metal back to the customer in same condition. The loan amount can be used to finance children’s education, buying a car, down payment for a home purchase or for any purpose according to your needs.

Gold loan is the best option used to raise funds for a personal use. Avoid it if you want to repay any other interest payments because paying two margins with single source of income increases your credit burden. So plan the expenditure of the quantum to be carried in a judicious way to avoid any debt trap. It can be easily availed with minimal documents listed as voter ID, passport, ration card etc. Your income and repayment capacity is also taken into consideration while sanctioning the loan amount. We offer quick and easy loan customized to the convenience of the customer. It is always been a blessing ata time of financial crunch. So make a visit at our branch or apply online for converting your non liquid assets into liquid cash.