Personal loan is one of the most popularly procured loan at ShubhBank. It is quite logical since this loan can be procured more easily unlike the bigger loans like business loans and home loans. There are several parameters based on which our loan offering can be compared with others like the maximum loan amount , average lower terms and low rate of interest means to a lower monthly EMI and lesser burden. It is highly useful since they can be utilized for so many purposes. Corporate and Professional can get loan covering up to total expenses having saving bank accounts where the guarantee is optional. You need to be with the age of 21 years or older, salaried or self employed earning a regular income. A person is allowed to take a personal loan with necessary documents, I . Application form and your photograph, copy of passport/older ID, processing fees, salary slip with the latest from16. The personal loans for successful application depend upon their financial record and repayment history. We make sure that there is a loan service easily accessible for individuals living in rural, semi urban and urban areas. Our Personal Loans are easy to apply allowing minimal documentation and quick loan has before timeline. We provide special offers for existing clients.  We also have 24%customers support helpline, allowing customers to access complete information through our website. Our bank offers customers a unique and easy to use financial tool which helps you to understand EMI/beforehand while applying for a loan which helps you to choose an ideal tenure and expenses.