Protect your lifestyle and your financial security with ShubhBank Personal Loan. A temporary financial crisis can happen to anyone irrespective of his or her overall financial status. PL are a great way to offset any such temporary financial crisis as it allows the users to avail a loan without any pre conditions on the usage of funds. Easy availability is one of the biggest advantages of a personal loan. They are not very expensive and available at reasonable rate making it a lucrative option. Our personal loan is unsecured as there is no Need to provide any collateral or security.  It is usually possible to get a personal loan within a shortest possible time as it is unsecured and the processing time is fast. In case of emergency over bank can provide great relief to the borrower. As these loans are unsecured so they have bit high interest rates but ShubhBank offers you a lucrative interest rates at personal loan.  A lot importance is given to the credit worthiness of the borrower because a good credit history can make a loan disbursal very easy. Minimal documentation, no security, flexibility of purpose and quick disbursal are some of the features of personal loan that can make it attractive among customers. But one must remember that saving for a need is better than borrowing from someone. Even through the personal loans are easy to get, One should be wary of burdening himself with high interest rates and debt without a compelling reason.