If you are a new entrepreneur and planning to start a new venture, a Business Loan will help you to convert your idea into earning source. You can get it for launching a new business but it needs a good project report that can generate you a good profit. New businesses needs capital to expand their business operations. It can be used for purchasing new inventory, equipment, opening a new division, launching a new product, adding an additional location or picking up and moving it. This can boost sales and profits and increase in your profits and sales must help you to easily service your new debt. Our institution offer working capital loan to small businesses to enable them to grow. If your business is downsizing due to financial crisis, you can take this loan to protect your business against slowdowns. It is a good idea to take this loan to withstand potential market downturns. So now when you face crisis in your business, you will have money in your hand. Repayments depend upon what you actually draw and will be charged on what you use.