Posted on Jan 2nd 2018

As aadhaar card has become mandatory in every field of government procedure, let us see what aadhaar is and what are its benefits. Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identity number issued to identify citizens residing in India based on their biometric and demographics. All the Indians above the age of 18 have enrolled in it as it offer more uses to its member. It is a coloured document that contains the enrolment number, full name of card holder, his/her address, phone number, PDF electronic signatures etc. The benefits of aadhaar is that it is linked to one’s voter ID to tackle bogus voters, to avail LPG subsidy amount directly through your bank account, monitoring of land records is done by linking it to aadhaar, to curb black money. The aadhaar card information can be validated online and updating can be done electronically using a mobile phone number or email as factor of authentication. The data in aadhaar card is collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India which is a statutory authority established by the Government of India.