When you Apply for a Home Loan,lender does check your eligibility criteria first then moves to next step. Credit score is the key aspect but sometimes eligibility falls short of bank’s norms. Here are some points to improve your eligibility. Your monthly income should not be lower than the expected EMI for the loan otherwise bank may refrain from lending you money. If your income increases in the future, you can increase the EMI amount and close the loan early. It is always better to show the lender that you are more capable to service the loan. The way to save you from a loan rejection is to have a co-borrower with you because bank will look at the combined capacity of applicants to assess the loan eligibility. Consider a start up loan that are specially designed for the borrowers who expect their income to increase in the future. You can also add another source of income such as rental income or interest income from deposits, if you are falling short of the income for fulfilling the loan eligibility. So you must take care of some important factors to avoid the rejection in Home Loan sanctioning.