In today's day and age, just talking about buying a home can be a great source of excitement for a first time homeowner. The ShubhBank offers the solution to get your property valued independently and provide the loan based upon your necessity rather than the cost in purchase agreement. The Home Loan is proposed for buying a new home or buying a plot or extension of home or planning out the construction of home. Home loan is differentiated into two categories that are based on their interest rates, i.e. floating or fixed rate. The rising prices of the real estate made a purchase of house like dream for most of the people. You can move ahead to fulfil your dream and grab a home loan from ShubhBank to own your dream home.  We will decide your eligibility for home loan depending upon your income and creditworthiness. Your creditworthiness will depend on various factors such as age, qualification, employment, work experience and previous track record of repaying any earlier loan etc. Our bank offers loan package with exclusive benefits like easy EMI's customized repayment options, long tenure which help us to won rigid foundation of trust among our customers.  A good home loan scheme from our bank can really smoothen the way between you and your dream.