With Education, especially abroad, turning prohibitively expensive, a large number of students now a day’s take recourse to an education loan. ShubhBank allows you complete holiday period during the course. Typical courses such as MBA, medicine and engineering are funded more easily than the non traditional courses with which the bank may not be familiar. So if you are looking for non traditional courses then our bank will provide  you loan amount within 1-2 days . Education loans is risky as it need extra care while providing the loan but we require no security if the loan amount is less though parents will be asked to stand  guarantor and if amount is large then personal guarantee is required from a person whose financial strength repayment capacity is acceptable to lender . The expenses involved library fees, building deposits, standard course fees, laboratory fees etc. The features and benefits offered by our bank is that its universally available for all types of academic  courses, non collateral , non repayment till course get completed our efficient team is  user friendly dedicated  to save on time and effort to make the whole  process 100% hassle free and customize a loan that best suit your limitations and requirement.  So to grab these benefits, to visit our branch or access it through our website and aspire yourself for higher education with new age banking methodologies.