Posted on May 07 2017

In a period of continued price rise, saving up for months and years to buy a car is indeed a tough task. In this situation a Car Loan is one borrowing instrument that scores high with the average middle class Indian as cars are nothing short of a necessity. This rising demand has led to the emergence of attractive loan offers from numerous banks and financial institutions, such that, you are spoilt for choice. ShubhBank being a popular in car loan call you upon to remind some key facts you need to keep in mind when shopping around for a car loan. Like any other borrowing instrument, a car loan features a range of eligibility criteria, which takes into account your income level as well as your credit score. Your Credit Score is in fact, an extremely crucial component of your application. A poor credit score in your report can easily derail your prospects of successfully applying for a car loan. So make sure you get a copy of your credit report, before you initiate the application process to ensure you get through the application process with ease. Some key documents that required when applying for a car loan are as follows: Identity and address proof documents, Signature proof document, Income proof documents, Proof of business continuity /job security as per the requirements of the lender. Our skill of professionals will guide you through the easy loan application to make you believe that you deserve the ownership of a vehicle.