Posted on May 08 2017

For majority of parents in India today who wish to provide higher education to their children -both in India and abroad -it has become a necessity to take a loan from a bank or a financial institutions to meet the course  fees and other related expenditures . With new educational courses being introduced and the ever increasing fees, the education system has become nothing less than a great venture for the institutes. ShubhBank Education Loan scheme is basically aimed at meritorious and financially backward students to enable them to purse   higher education.  One is full featured offering that is characterized by competitive interest rates, funding for an elaborate list of educational courses and a whole range of student centric options and features on a case to case basis.  Our bank is a user friendly portal that is dedicated to 100% hassle free loan process with simple and quick documentation, handsome interest rates with long tenure.   The features and benefits offered by our bank is that its universally available for all types of academic  courses, non collateral , non repayment till course get completed our efficient team is  user friendly dedicated  to save on time and effort to make the whole  process 100% hassle free and customize a loan that best suit your limitations and requirement.