Posted on May 08 2017

Home buyers are always looking for the best home they can buy with the resources and time available with them. Now more than ever, real estate prices are subdued and buyers are again active in the market. Buying a home is the most exciting and at the same time, tedious task for people. While the excitement of owning your own home pushes you harder to expedite the process, the tedious task of going through enormous amount of details frustrates you. Going through the process is a necessity. Though the process is tedious and demanding, any negligence on the due diligence can cost us big in the future. So ShubhBank aim to assist customers towards realizing their dream of owning a house. We are one of the fastest home loan providers in India, delivering on its commitment to provide superefficient, low cost and speedy home solutions with a comprehensive range of value added services. Everyone dreams of owning a home, which actually symbolizes a safe haven of security to retire to after a hard day's work and a place where you can be yourself. If you can afford to make larger payments towards your Home Loan perhaps because of promotion or bonus, then making prepayments is a very good idea as it will save you a lot of money and time.