Education Loan from ShubhBank is a boon for youngsters in these days of costly higher education and inflation. The dreams of many promising youngsters have been realizing with the help of this wonderful financial tool. Most parents take education loans from the bank in which they have their accounts. It’s not a bad decision, but however it is advised to take a good look at what available schemes around you, before making a final decision. Parents are therefore advised to have a closer look at the product offered by our bank. Interest rates are the most important factor to be compared and considered while taking a loan. We don't expect the student to start repayment immediately. The loan offered by us is for professional graduation as well as post graduation courses, both within India and abroad. We design a full fledged study loan that bring you at stage to accumulate ample amount of money to fund your children's higher study. We provide a tussle free documentation, customized EMI options and offers a non collateral loan nullifying your worries. Like any other financial goal, you need to plan this also as it is offering whole suit of exclusive features and benefits.