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Posted on Thursday September 13th, 2018

To earn a lucrative income from your venture, it demands a lot of dedication, ideology, planning and implementation of ideas and you must have to learn how economize your professional expenses. Making a profit needs to be on your priority list and it further need expanding of your business. Any expansion requires enough funds at your disposal. The traditional way to raise fund is borrowing either from friend/relative or investors interested in partnership. Nowadays another option for sourcing a fund is to obtain a loan. A specific way to be availed to Boost Your Business with Loan provide by Shubhbank. The main aim of the product is to help businessmen and professionals to expand their commercial activities. It can also be used to buy required machinery, manpower recruitment, modernizing or improving etc. we provide the benefits of easy cash flow and helps you to access both short and long term finances fulfilling your all requirements. There are two types of loan that are provided: one is professional loan that are availed for self-employed such as doctors, chartered accountants and second is trade loans that are availed for businessmen and traders.

Getting a Business Loan” is an amazing way to outsource your dream project. The factors that will be taken into account are your income, repayment ability, credit score and a skillful ideology. So prepare a detailed plan and keep your lender informed about your plan and figure out wisely that how much money you need. The loan quantum is provided depending upon your business model, revenue stream and balance sheet at comparative interest rates. The broad eligibility criteria for availing a loan is your credit history, business feasibility with profit and loss projection and a robust plan to convince the lender about financial viability. The documents required are the proof of business existence for 2 years, ID and residence proof, tax returns and credit references. The interest rates are adjustable with the options in choice of periodicity of repayment. It is easy for companies to receive financial aid for their enterprise using this scheme because being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. So a growing focus on economic development in India, ShubhBank have stepped up and launched a business loan at attractive interest rates to promote businessmen.

This product is preferred by many entrepreneurs due to minimal documentation and easy application process. You can easily apply for it without having to step out of your house making it hassle free process. Owing to fast approval, the funds will be quickly disbursed to your account. It is a great way to gain access to funds to gain a competitive edge in the corporate sector. We aim at enabling your business unit to run efficiently and successfully beating the financial crisis and avoiding high risk factors. Our efficient team helps you to track your application process and avail you with the great deals and offerings. So individuals who wish to expand their business can approach us online or visit our branch to meet their financial needs to commence business operations.