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Posted on Friday May 3rd, 2019

Running a business or expanding the same is quite tough if one has financial constraints. Many time it happens that there is a scope of expansion, but the owner is unable to do so due to lack of funds. It is also common that the payments from the service receiver of the business are getting delayed due to some bottlenecks at their end and as an owner, one might face difficulties to run the show and meet the orders received from other customers. So what does one do in these types of situations? Stay tensed without any solution for funds? Well, the funding blues for business is over with many banks and financial institutions in the country providing business loans with low-interest rates or without any security.

The finer points
One has to fulfill specific essential criteria laid by the best banks and other financial institutions like the proof of business, the orders in hand, the balance sheets and income tax returns of previous few years, the address and identity proof, the nature of the business to get this type of loans. However, they are simple documents that are possessed by all business entities to work according to the law of the country.

One can get a Business Loan in India Without Security and that too with low-interest rates these days. Many banks and financial institutions are providing loans for business without any security. They do not ask for the presentation of personal or any business assets to be treated as collateral security and provides the loans without them. The repayment terms are also flexible, and the overall procedure is straightforward.

The interest rates
Business loan Interest Rate varies in many aspects. It varies on the volume of the loan required, the tenure for which the credit is necessary, the mode of repayments, and the type of the interest rates like the flat rate or the diminishing rate. Usually, the interest rate of these types of business loan starts at around 13% per annum and can go up to 25% per annum. It depends mainly on the risk of the business and the amount of the loan. The credential of the business hose is also a factor for deciding on the interest rates by the banks and financial institutions.

However, one should always secure business loans from banks and financial institutions that charge low interest and minimum processing fees. The loan processing fees also vary, and some even do not charge them at all under certain conditions. The interest rate and the processing fees vary with the loan amount and reduce with higher amounts of loan.

With the market becoming wide open due to the opening of the information highways with the penetration of the interest, banks and financial institutions are facing competitions amongst themselves and they are eager to give loans on softer terms to increase their business volume and providing business loans at low-interest rates and even without collateral security. It is time to avail the loan and expand the business or meet financial needs.