Posted on Monday February 4th, 2019

Many times it happens that one is not able to pursue the dreams and turn them to reality due to the lack of funds. It happens to almost everybody that the dream fulfillment like staying in the dream home or buying a car or starting a business seems to be impossible as the funds are tight to manage. Many times medical expenses or other emergency expenses shoot up from nowhere, and it gets tough to handle the ends. So what does one do? Sit idly with a depressed mood or avoid the treatments? Well, not at all. One can “Apply For Loan” and meet the financial requirements with ease and do not need to borrow from friends and relatives.

Getting The Loans:

These days’ banks and other financial institutions are ready to provide loans once one has applied for the same. The rate of interest depends on the type and tenure of the loan repayment, and generally, they are somewhere near 13%. The interest rates vary according to the nature of the loan. However, there is some mandatory requirement to get loans, and they vary according to the salaried class and the business class.

The Requirements For Getting Loans:

• For both the salaried and the self-employed who want to get a loan, the primary requirement is that they should be a citizen of India.
• For the salaried class, the age to get the loan should be between 33 and 58 years, and for the self-employed, it should be 25 to 70 years.
• One should be either working in the big multinational company or any public sector unit or a big company and should be working for without a break in the same company for the previous year. For the self-employed, they should be in the same trade for the last three years.
• If one can keep any collateral security, it becomes effortless to get the loans.

Applying For The Loans:

With more and more banks and financial institutions getting more than eager to provide a loan, one can visit any of their websites and “Apply For Loans Online“. Gone are the days when people used to run from one institute to another with heaps of documents to get a loan.

Today you needs to visit any bank or financial institute website and fill up some of the mandatory required fields. Upload some copies of documents like the Aadhar card, pan card, proof of address, bank statements and account number, the amount of loan required, and the tenure of repayment and things are processed very fast, and credits are granted.

Some of the financial institutes even do not need any collateral security, and the loan amount is disbursed within a working day. Things have drastically changed over a couple of years for taking credits, and it is not running a marathon race any more to get them.


It is time that one take loans and fulfill the unsatisfied dreams and turn them to reality or meet the sudden expenses without for help from the friends and relatives. Banks and financial institutes are eager to provide the loans, and one should approach them in times of financial needs.