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Posted on सोमवार , der 17. सितम्बर 2018

Turning dreams into reality has now become very easy and simple. You can easily buy your favorite four-wheeler on credit. There are numerous financial institutions which offer credit against vehicles. If you are wishing to buy a luxurious four-wheel vehicle but you are short of funds. Gets assistance from money lending companies for this purpose. This credit is normally availed when an individual is purchasing a four-wheeler for commercial or personal use. The lump sum amount taken from the financial institution can be reimbursed in easy installments with a certain rate of interest.
The type of credit enables buyers to reimburse for the particular vehicle through monthly installments instead of making a one-time payment. The buyers are required to pay some part of the vehicle’s actual price while the rest of the price will be financed by the money lender or money lending companies. With help of financial institutions or banks, you can avail new or “Used Car Loan” easily by fulfilling certain requirements.

Eligibility criteria-
To apply for this loan type, you require fulfilling the eligibility criteria successfully. The eligibility criteria normally vary from one money lending institution to the other according to the profile of borrower.

● Age limit- borrower’s age must be in between 18- 75 years old.
● Minimum salary- Rs.10,000 – 12,000/ per month.
● Employment stability- self-employed or salaried individual/ partnership 3 years. Minimum 2 years of experience is required in par particular profession, business other in the current post.
● Type of vehicle- new or used
● Stability of residential area- rural/ urban/ semi-urban. A borrower should have stayed there for at least 1 year.

Documents required for four-wheel financing
The simple and easy documentation process varies from person to person. The documents requirement process is done on the basis of your profession, income source and credit requirement as well.
Here is the quick list of documents required for vehicle financing are as follows-
● Duly filled the application form
● Photographs
● Identity proof- copy of voter ID card, driving license, a copy of passport etc.
● Bank statement of past 3 months
● Current salary receipt/ latest dated salary certificate.
● Address proof- copy of ration card, electricity or telephone bill, passport or rental agreement.

Benefits of car loan
Here is the list of benefits associated with this loan type are as follows-
● This type of credit makes easy to purchase a vehicle.
● Flexibility to choose the tenure
● Interest rate can be negotiated
● You can avail credit for purchasing a used vehicle
● No security or guarantee required
● Flexibility to choose the mode of payment
● Flexibility to choose a floating or fixed rate option.
● The best thing about this loan is you can refinance your car in order to minimize monthly installments or decrease your interest rate as well.

Loan against four-wheeler is all you need to fulfill your dreams and wishes. Get assistance from a financial institution and make your dream come true.

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Posted on मंगलवार , der 20. मार्च 2018

Owning a car of your choice is a dream that every individual carries life long. But getting the right car with the right kind of financing takes effort and considerable research from the individual’s end. When you decide to buy a new car, you are generally very decisive about the car model and make. What actually puts you in dilemma is how you are going to finance the car and if you do choose a car loan  how much will that actually costs. It is very important that you plan your finances and understand how much you would actually be paying towards car loan. Along with other aspects of loan the extra charges levied should also be taken into account by prospective borrowers. As one of the best car loans in the market, ShubhBank offer a car loan with competitive pricing and complete transparency. We offer complete flexibility of repayments with variable tenure. You can easily “Apply for a Car Loan” using online form. It just need to fill in certain personal details when they file an application. Low processing charges and flexible repayment make a ShubhBank car loan, one of the most bought out debt product in market.

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Posted on गुरुवार , der 15. मार्च 2018

There are number of banks in India and each of them has their own set of loans- be it a home loan, personal loan, car loan, loan against property or any other loan. In this case study, Shubhbank have tried to document some of the best loan products currently available in country. We have disbursed loans to more than thousands of customer over the couple of years and keep on expanding our network. You can borrow from us by availing your furnished copies of ID proof, pan card, aadhaar card and bank statements. It is important to thoroughly read through the loan schemes before you decide to “Apply For a Loan“. Repayments are done in flexible manner and EMI’s are planned at handsome rates of interest. ShubhBank in Chandigarh provides a transparent platform to connect borrowers and lenders.