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Posted on Friday January 28th, 2022

In the times of Coronavirus Pandemic, the lives of common people have once hit hard as this outbreak deepens. Some of the small scale industries are either on the verge of shutting down or have been shut down whereas a huge portion of working individuals lost their source of earnings. In this time period, the demand for loans has risen. In our nation, every household has some quantity of precious metal which gives them the power to avail a gold loan to revive their source of income.

Gold loan is one of the most convenient options to get funds in pandemic. One can Apply For Gold Loan by choosing a suitable lender with their gold assets, get them evaluated and can access the needed funds. A borrower can secure up to 75% of gold market value as loan money. There are number of gold loan lenders who provide online or in-house evaluation of the gold.

Meanwhile, if you can’t afford any unsecured type of loan such as Personal Loan that demands strict eligibility criteria as well as good credit score, you can easily opt out the option of Gold loan as it doesn’t require any income proof or any credit history. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some of the parameters for which the gold loan demand has been risen up in today’s scenario:

Multi-purpose use: It is one of the good parts of this loan as there is no restriction on the usage of loan money. One can use these funds for personal or professional requirement and can get rid of any financial crunch.

Low rates of interest: As gold loan can be accessed easily because it is also offered at low rates of interest in lending market. The usual rate of interest for a gold loan stands at an average of 7.30% to 9% per annum.

Flexible loan quantum: It is one of the great benefits of this loan either you visit any specific lender physically or Apply For Gold Loan Online it always offers flexibility in principal amount offered by the lending institutes. One can secure a loan against gold for needful loan money depending upon your requirement and availability of the gold that you have to pledge he lender.

Less paperwork: One doesn’t require any salary proof or credit report to apply a gold loan, thus saving your time and making your loan experience more relaxed, you can get a loan with basic documents such as domicile certificate and identity proof. Every lending institution just verifies the purity of your precious metal that you are going to pledge for the loan.

Flexible repayment: In gold loan, you are free to choose a flexible repayment mode. One can choose a bullet repayment scheme or regular EMI option to repay the loan during the tenure.

Hence, knowing these attractive features and advantages of gold loan, it would not be wrong to say that demand for gold loan will elevate in coming days as it is most convenient and easy option to let down any financial burden.