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Posted on Wednesday December 29th, 2021

Nowadays, digital payments are convenient and ought to be a necessity of every market. The restriction in the Corona virus Pandemic further pushes the necessity. Likewise, digitalization has also impacted the lending market as well as the way borrowers borrow money. Anyone can secure the funds and get credited with just a click of button sitting at their personal space.

As digital borrowing is on fast pace, therefore, one can easily Apply For Gold Loan digitally as it is most convenient and instant loan offered by the lender but there are certain things which one should remember before taking a loan from digital lender.

Check the lender’s credibility: It is most important to go through the credibility of particular lender before you decide to take a gold loan. Firstly, check the digital presence of the lending platform based on number of factors which include authentic lending app or website, application form, existing customer reviews etc. secondly, check whether the lender is verified and registered with RBI.

Payment Mechanism: One must make digital payments for your loan on your verified account as you can track it easily. Never accept the payments under a loan executive’s title. Nowadays, digital lending institutions offer flexible repayment options for online gold loans which you can repay by EMIs using various methods i.e. bullet repayments, over draft facility and regular EMI option.

Customer relationship management: Always make sure that the verified lender provides you with real time and efficient customer services. One will receive reminders regarding interest payments as in text messages or through e-mails, when they secure gold loan through a legit online lender. An efficient digital lender will ensure communication from the very first day of your application until the full repayment of your loan.

Rate of interest: It is the most significant thing when you Apply For Gold Loan Online as it will give you easy access to compare the various lenders and rate of interest charged by them without affecting your CIBIL score. Moreover, when you avail any loan digitally, various loan processing charges associated with gold loan get waived off, hence lowering the borrowing costs.

Understanding the loan agreement: The digital lending institution will make you understand all the terms and conditions and the other hidden charges associated with the gold loan. It would be wise decision to go through every clause mentioned in the loan agreement before signing it. One must check the gold loan terms before signing the blue print of the agreement.

The online lenders in the market are primarily governed by NBFCs (non-banking finance companies) which means that they are the front runners in the gold market. Therefore, if you are planning to avail the best gold loan scheme and personalized assistance for the loan digitally then ShubhBank would be better choice as we offer online gold loans at attractive rate of interests and our efficient team will assist you through each and every step of the gold loan processing making your loan journey easy.