Posted on Friday May 31st, 2019

We at ShubhBank have been in the lending market for over a decade. Many banks and NBFCs offer lots of opportunities to convert their customers and help them build their dream. We also put lots of efforts to find right customers and converting that lead. This alone can be tire some process so we proposed a partner program in which you can join us to deal with loan services, so later you can enjoy a handsome payout. We know how this lending sector works and also know how quick payouts matter a lot to partners. So we are giving you the guidelines that How to Become a DSA/Loan partners with ShubhBank. You can simply join our partner program by filling in your details in the form. Once you apply for it, we will set up an appointment with you and will discuss how we can take our business to new heights. You can grow your income and career by taking this excellent opportunity.

You must know how our partner program works for loan products. You have to complete the whole loan process from filling in the details of borrower and their requirements. After this submit the file to us. Later on, we will contact the lead, do a follow up, complete their loan application and maintain the file. You get paid whenever you convert the leads into borrowing customers. It means more you convert the leads into customers; more is the income for you. We are one of the best paymasters in the tricity. Your payouts will be released at the end of the month. There are Lots of Benefits Associated with Our Partner Program that is given below:

• It helps aspiring individuals in improving their skills.
• You can find leads in more than 300 cities within India.
• You can be your own boss and can work as per your convenience.
• Enjoy your payout each month without any delay.
• Earn in handsome amount with higher leads converted.
• You will be a part of a promising and high potential financial institution.
• No investment or deposit is required.
• You will get the great opportunity to establish new contacts that could be a source of your life-long income.

Being a DSA, your aim is to help our customers to borrow right for retail products like Home Loan, Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Business Loan etc. We differentiate ourselves for providing tailored services to suit borrower needs and we expect same from you. A borrower who approaches any DSA is always on lookout for better interest rate and loan quantum along with other benefits which he/she can derive by taking a loan from particular loan agent. ShubhBank is continuously working on expanding its operations in India by appointing loan agents/DSA who will work for our brand and represents us for all financial products in the region where DSA is appointed. Any individual whose resident of India with basic details like Aadhar card, PAN card or bank account and aged above 18 years can join us for the DSA program.