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Posted on Wednesday June 8th, 2022

Personal loan is referred to as all purpose loans which can be utilized to meet any financial need such as paying wedding expenses, starting up a new venture or other investment purposes etc. Nowadays, many banking and lending institutions offer personal loans in India without any kind of security. Therefore, personal loans are very popular as compared to other types of loans.

When you Apply For Personal Loan what affects more your budget is repayment tenure which involves EMI and payable interest. Choosing a longer or shorter tenure has its own pros and cons, so a right tenure on your loan is very important as it will help you to save a lot of bucks in future. Thus, we have listed some of the following factors to look upon while deciding loan tenure:

Loan quantum: The required money to be borrowed as a Personal Loan plays an effective role in finalizing loan tenure. If you are going for smaller amount, then there is no need to elongate your tenure but if you are planning for larger quantum, it is good to spread your repayment period for longer duration, so that there will be no burden on your financial health in long run.

Calculate rate of interest: Some of the factors are inter-related with each other such as interest rates, monthly installments and rate of interest. If you are securing a loan at higher interest rate, then you are charged with higher EMI and longer tenure. Hence, make sure to compare all the combinations of interest rates and loan tenors and choose one that is convenient for you.

Plan your monthly budget: Your monthly earnings and budget should be assessed to compare it with repayment terms by the lender. If you find that your monthly expenses take about 60-70% of your monthly salary, you can go easy on EMI amount of your loan. One can opt for shorter tenure on Personal Loan. If you can budget your monthly earnings in such a way that you can make high EMIs conveniently will be better option.

Clear current financial liabilities: A person who doesn’t have a good credit score then he/she has to pay higher rate of interest. Also, it will affect the duration of your repayment structure. If you are already paying off any existing loan then it can put a huge financial burden on your budget, making you extend the new loan tenure to pay off new EMIs. So, one must clear their existing financial liabilities to maintain a good credit history.

A Personal Loan is one of the most convenient loans in the lending market these days. Try to follow a stringent financial discipline so that your credit worthiness should not be affected and then Apply For Personal Loan Online. However, it is also advisable to study the offers well and compare the loan solutions offered by different lenders.

To avail comfortable loan tenure, visit ShubhBank and get the benefits like instant approval, less documentation and fast disbursal. Always remember, every penny counts so it is important to choose right loan tenure along with loan amount.