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Posted on Monday May 14th, 2018

Any single “Credit Card” can’t be better than all others in for an individual. It all depends on pattern of usage and requirement. But by understanding your options and interrogating the right questions, you can find the card that’s the best fit for your spending habits and matches your eligibility and requirement.

Follow these simpler steps to “find the best credit card for you“.

  1. Assess your credit score:

To access the best suitable card as per your choice you need to validate your credit score as a fact to understand what you can afford before any bank offers. There are various online portals and online tools to calculate your credit rating.

  1. Identify which type of credit card you need

There are three general types of credit cards:

  1. Cards that help you improve your financial need in time with higher limits.
  2. Cards that save your earning on interest.
  3. Cards that earn rewards.


The best card for you is one that is designed to meet your specific needs

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  1. Narrow your choices by asking the right questions

Visit and search for the type of credit card you’re looking for, filtering results according to your credit score and monthly spending. While choosing the best fit cards for yourself, don’t forget to check few basic features of card as mentioned below.


  • Tenure of 0% APR and what is the ongoing interest APR? Look for a card that gives you enough time to pay off your debt interest-free. If you have plans to carry balances over several years, consider a credit card with a low APR.
  • What is the card’s balance transfer policy? If you’re doing a balance transfer, look up a card’s balance transfer fees. Also check it here exists any capping on balance transfer or you can consume all your limits to settle your finances in the hour of need.
  • Does the card offer rewards?
  • How do I spend my money? Look for a card that delivers the highest rewards for the purpose you spend the most on. If you’re spendthrift, consider getting a card with an annual fee, if your rewards earnings would offset the cost. If you’re planning to use the card abroad, look for one with no or minimum foreign transaction fees and chip-and-PIN capability.


  • How frequent will I earn rewards. Also check accelerated reward points categories and the value in terms of cash of each reward points.


  • Value of the card :

Despite all the best in class provisions of various cards, choosing the right product after all these 3 steps may still leave you confused.  If you are clear with your choice after these three steps than just click it to choose or else go ahead for a tie breaker round in case of any further conflict of interest while choosing the best.

Look closely for differences. All other values being equal, here are some factors that might set a card apart:

So you’ve found the best credit card. What’s next?

Use your card the right way to get the most for your money. If it’s just about establishing your credit then pay your bill in full every month and don’t use too much of your available credit. Stick to your debt repayment plan if you caught a lesser APR deal. And if you’re trying to pile up rewards, use your card for everyday purchases in such selected categories and pay your bill in full every month.

The chosen card is your tool to achieve your financial goals in the most easiest and efficient way, Purpose may be any like building credit, borrow money or earn rewards but just don’t settle for less.