Posted on Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Loan against property from ShubhBank is one of the easiest and quickest ways to arrange finances for any kind of emergency. One can get it against his/her residential as well as commercial property. It is the cheapest alternative for personal loan. It is the type of secured loan as the borrower has to mortgage their property along with the benefits of low rate of interest and longer tenure. We use to approve 70%-75% loan quantum of the property’s current value. The quantum value can be more, considering the financial profile of the borrower. You can easily apply for it online and we will guide you how to get rid of financial emergencies with a Loan Against Property From ShubhBank. You can avail many benefits by taking a loan against property.

• HIGHER LOAN QUANTUM: You can avail maximum funds by opting for loan against property. Every bank and NBFC has its own specific loan eligibility criteria. If you fit into that criterion, you can borrow the higher loan amount against your property.

• EASY REPAYMENT: Borrower can pay back his/her loan against property by opting for easy repayment option as in EMIs and you can also opt for pre and part payments. You can also check your eligibility on our website online and can calculate how much you’ll be required to pay every month.

• LOW RATE OF INTEREST: The rate of interest on loan against property offered by our bank is the lowest as compared to personal loan as it is a type of Secured Mortgage Loan. The interest rate starts from 8.75%.

• FAST APPROVAL: The loan application gets approved fast based upon your eligibility check. If you have submitted all the required documents for the loan, you can easily get your loan approved with in few working days.

• HASSLE FREE PROCESSING: You can apply for a loan either online or offline through our online portal or visiting our branch. You can avail it by filling a simple application form.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA AND REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Being a popular financial service and easy to avail, loan against property is offered by various banks and leading lending institutions. Our eligibility criteria is very limited and the document requirements are very straight-forward, thus making its processing quick and hassle free. We also consider the property’s eligibility criteria in loan processing. It is varied to some extent for salaried individuals and self-employed. The market value of the mortgaged property should be higher as the loan quantum you’ll get, what totally depends upon the current value of your property.

ShubhBank have come up with a highly efficient and easy process for our borrowers to get a loan against property. We offer the benefits to our customers and Applying For Loan with us will give you the chance to avail best offers and deals. Our professionals will help you throughout the loan processing without charging a dime. We are pledged to offer you the best solutions for all your financial emergencies with our financial services.