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Posted on Friday December 20th, 2019

Have you achieved your financial goals before the New Year knocks at your door? Everyone is gearing up to welcome the New Year with pomp and splendor, we would suggest you to spare some time to assess the year gone by, especially in terms of finances. It is not a difficult task as we are always there to help you get head start. Here we are presenting some financial moves that you must take, if you want to be financially sorted for the coming year.

Status of your financial goals: Have you charted out how far have you reached in terms of achieving the financial goals? We understand that some of your goals are long term, hence, would take long time to achieve but what about your short term goals? It is high time to review the status of your goals. It will help you to figure out what’s been working or what’s not. Moreover, this outlines can help you priorities your goals or set the new ones for the coming year.

Revise your budget: If you don’t have your budget in place, it is better to start working on where you have been spending and if your priorities are in place or not. You can also re-outlay your budget for the New Year to maximize savings.

Make a strategy to pay-off after evaluating your debts: Your financial health can be affected by too many debts. So what’s situation you are in, how much loan do you have to repay and credit card dues you have? Ask yourself about unnecessary and unexplained expenses that can be cut down. It’s time to take complete control of your finances, cut down on expenses and dedicate your income towards clearing debts and savings. If your credit report is messed up, get focused on repairing it as it is important for your financial future.

Re-balance your financial portfolio: You have to invest somewhere to face the emergency situations in life. It is must to re-balance your finances at least once a year and the end of the year is the best time to do so. You must re-balance your portfolio only if your financial objectives have not changed otherwise you may consider changing your asset allocation. Re-balancing gets your investment portfolio back to its original state.

Review your insurance policy: Change is the way of life. Getting an adequate Insurance Policy can help you tide through unpredictable life and uncertainties thrown by it. It is advisable to review your insurance plans at least once a year to accommodate any changes. Changes may include from getting married/divorced to having a child to buying your dream house. As the magnitude of the change increases, you may consider increasing your insurance cover.

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