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Posted on Monday April 20th, 2020

A Covid-19 outbreak is deteriorating the whole nation with full force. However, this pandemic has forced majority of workforce to stay at home for an indefinite period of time but an ideal opportunity to earn money while staying quarantined. Nowadays it’s economical and safe to work from home by helping others to secure a loan in their need by becoming a Direct Selling Loan Agent at ShubhBank. Staying quarantined is a good time to start on the right foot and bode well even for your finances. Read on to find how lockdown is an ideal period for becoming a DSA at ShubhBank and for earning high payouts being your own boss.

The competition in banking industry is growing rapidly these days and many of the NBFCs have appointed business seekers as DSAs who procure clients for the financial commodities like loans, insurance etc. The basic responsibility for being our business associate is to find a customer who would be a potential client to specific financial product at ShubhBank and is paid with a set percentage commission on the lead they provide to the bank. He/she have to verify and complete all the documents for the further loan process.

Benefits offered by ShubhBank to the DSA
We give regular trainings to DSAs to increase their product and its process knowledge.
Our financial institution provides you a good source of income while staying home and without putting in long working hours.
We do not demand any specialized educational qualifications, so any person interested with limited qualification can work and earn smart incentives.

Attach with ShubhBank as a DSA

To work with our financial institution, an aspirant can attach as DSA in following steps with us:
1. Before signing up as business partner, checklist all the factors like commission percentage, targets, working hours etc.
2. Provide all the documents and submit the application to bank and wait for verification.
3. Once all the verification is done then bank sends an agreement for DSA with a stamp duty.
4. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and return the duly filled form to the bank.
5. Once the agreement is submitted then DSA code will be generated by the bank.
6. This code is used as an ID for all future settlements with bank and can start functioning.

ShubhBank bears all the training of DSA on its products and methodologies. So Be Our Business Partner because risk assessment is very low and this work can be done as an additional income source. The loan agent helps us to get a more direct approach to the prospective client in any given geographic location. We offer a fixed share of commission to the loan agent on each product sold by him to the customer. The bond between a DSA and financial institution is considered to be symbiotic as both benefit each other coexisting in a system. ShubhBank.com can help in all kind of online registration in very less time and you can reach us here for any queries.

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Posted on Monday March 16th, 2020

In our journey to bring good financing opportunity to all deserving small businesses, we consistently seek good partners who can help our borrowers get access to funds. If you are interested to be a Business Associate we would love to talk with you and seek ways to mutually benefit. ShubhBank help you to generate swift access to good borrowers thus giving you good returns with an excellent supporting service leveraged by technology. There are several reasons what entice you to be partner with ShubhBank.

• Earn High Payouts: Payout is the expected financial return for every case being disbursed by you. Our institution provides a generous ratio of incentives compared to other DSA’s for all our partners who get their case disbursed. There is unlimited potential for earning thousands of bucks per month.

• Transparent Process: The process beginning from getting a file from the partners till the disbursement, all the operation under ShubhBank will be completely transparent for its partners. Our partner dashboard gives complete visibility and keeps your borrower applicants updated about their case in timely manner.

• Additional and Timely Earnings: Partnering with ShubhBank is a great way to earn great monthly income using the entire personal and professional network and making money outside of your routine job. The will be no delay in getting your payouts directly into your bank account after the completion of your loan disbursement and the return depends on your business done with us.

• Speedy Operation and Quick Disbursal: ShubhBank.com is a digital lending platform so our sophisticated partner relationship management helps you to succeed faster. The flow of operation will occur rapidly and there will be no delay when the required documentation is completely ready for the process of getting a loan.

• Grow your Business: Each borrower has different requirements that ShubhBank understands and helps with. We also provide Credit Consultation, CIBIL Check with the experts’ advice from our efficient professionals.

• Nominal Paper Work: ShubhBank believes in paperless and hassle free approvals. We encourage our partners to send the borrower’s documentation online to reduce the paper work. Our own digital platform is connected with various lenders and services which is completely paperless.

• Your unique Partner Affiliate Code and link: We provide a unique code for each of the partners under which their leads will be logged-in. you can also this code to your customers through which they can directly apply in ShubhBank for which we will you the credit.

• More Funding Product Options: We deal with various financial products that include Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan and Used Car Loan. We also entertain Loan against Property, Gold Loans and Machinery loans. Therefore, we are one stop shop for all your financial needs.

• Confidentiality: The personal and professional detail of the customer stays with us as we know that the financial matters are sensitive.

To Register For Partner with ShubhBank please visit our website ShubhBank.com or feel free to call directly, if you would like to know more about our comprehensive as well as rewarding partnership program.

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Posted on Friday February 28th, 2020

The role of DSA is somewhere same in all financial institutions but when you Apply For a DSA Role for a particular lending institution, you have to go through a specific DSA Agreement which contains all the rules and regulations applicable.The loan direct selling agents are the one who connects an interested customer to the lender, take care of the required documentation for loan application forms, do fundamental check and ensure that the submitted papers are in accordance with the guidelines of the lending institution. In this article, we will discuss about what is the role of DSA in loan processing and disbursal.

1. Applicability
The code of conduct for DSA will be applicable to all the person employed by DSA who would be involved in marketing and distributions of the financial products of banks and NBFCs. In case of any failure to adhere with this requirement may result in permanent termination of the business tie-up of the DSA with lending institution.

2. Tele-calling a prospective customer
A prospect has expressed his/her desire to take a product via lending website/branch or has been referred by another client or through the Relationship manager, or is an existing customer of the bank who has given acceptance for receiving calls for the other services of the bank or NBFCs.

3. Keep the borrower’s interest secret
The borrower’s privacy should be the first priority of DSA. If the borrower has authorized any other individual/spouse/accountant/family member can be contacted.

4. Messages and contacting the customer
DSA should call the borrower only. However the customer is not available, a message may be drafted for him/her. The main objective of the message should be to get the customer to call back or to check for a convenient time to call again.

5. No misrepresentations permitted
The DSA will not misguide the interesting customer on any offered service/product or about the bank and NBFCs and can’t make any fake promises on behalf of the bank and any lending institution.

6. Calling Etiquettes
1. Do not make before or after office hours.
2. No calls if you identify the do not disturb numbers.

During call
1. DSA should introduce himself/herself.
2. Seek a permission to proceed and don’t force if denied.
3. Talk in the language that is most comfortable to the customer.

If the client plans to buy the financial product:
1. Confirm the next call and visit details.
2. Provide your contact number if asked by the customer.
3. Thank the customer for giving his/her valuable time.

7. Do not accept any gifts or bribe
DSA must not accept any kind of bribe or gifts offered by the customer. She/he must inform about this to the management.

8. Few precautions to take
DSA should:

Respect the privacy of client.
Do not enter the client’s office/residence without his/her permission.
Take care of customer’s requirements.
Maintain professional relationship.

9. Handling the letters and communication
DSA should follow the prescribed format assigned by the lending institution.”

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Posted on Friday January 31st, 2020

ShubhBank is a one stop solution for all your financial requirements as one can avail any kind of financial assistance in form of loans either secured or unsecured types of loans. There is wide range of financial services such as personal loans, home loans, loan against property, gold loan, business loan, machinery loan, insurance and many more.

By joining hands with ShubhBank, you get an opportunity to earn plentiful incentives by sourcing customers looking for different financial products located anywhere in India, being DSA. You act as a link between borrower and lender and will look for customers seeking loan. Here you are provided with information about Corporate DSA Registration at ShubhBank and partnership opportunities.

Registration process just involves four steps:
• Fill up a simple application form with your name, phone number and email id.
• A unique code for DSA will be provided.
• Once you are done with password settings then your own dashboard pops up.
• Start submitting leads and make money from successful turnouts.

Benefits of being DSA at ShubhBank
We are committed to build trust and an opportunity for self-employment as well as take care that our objectives and goals would be accomplished by being all-inclusive. We appreciate working with diverse kinds of individuals and gain knowledge. Join hands with ShubhBank and enjoy ease of growing with simplicity and honesty.
• Start with zero investment and earn an additional income.
Be Your Own Boss and run your business with minimal cost and risk.
• Liberty to work alone or hire a team to go big.
• No discrimination of age, gender or disability.
• Social and personal recognition without any higher education.
• You can choose flexible working hours from your personal space.

Work profile of DSA
There are lots more things that loan agents can do rather than just referring us the potential leads.
• Procure the loan application from borrowers along with the required documents.
• Go through to check nothing is missing in both the application form and the documents.
• Go for a basic verification of the documents to ensure that they are genuine.
• Upload the loan application and documents on ShubhBank’s portal.
• Fill your DSA code along with application so that it can be traced back to you.

How to refer clients for loan
• Open your unique dashboard with DSA code.
• Click on to open new application form.
• Select the required type of loan product from the drop down list.
• Select the mode of collection for documents. It is advisable to procure the papers from the borrower yourself otherwise ShubhBank will also do it for you.
• Proceed the process.
• Fill in the details of referral loan amount, job type etc.
• Please select the EMI option most suitable for your client.
• Submit the application.
• We need supporting documents to be uploaded such as ID proof, address proof, PAN card details, business continuity proof, latest bank statement, etc.
• Within few days of approval, your lead will get the loan amount transferred to bank account and simultaneously your payout is also transferred to your account.

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Posted on Monday December 23rd, 2019

Ever you have been applied for a loan, not directly from bank or NBFC but through some agent? Have you wondered why this person is trying to get you secure a loan when you can do it by visiting a lending institute? Well for beginners it is not a scam, they are the people who help you procure a loan from a bank or NBFC are direct selling agents. They work to find potential borrowers for the organization they represent. To do so, they on look for loan seekers and these leads are then directed to the concerned bank or NBFC and the loan processing is taken forward. There is a process that needs to be followed when it comes to becoming a direct sales agent. Every lending platform has its own registration process. You can Register As a Loan DSA with ShubhBank in such common steps:

Visit and submit your application to the branch or you can register online as well.
You will ask to furnish some documents and they will be verified afterwards.
If there is no issue with your background check, a registration agreement with the right stamp duty will be sent to you.
Fill the required details, sign the agreement and submit it. Post this, DSA code will be issued to you.
After receiving your code, you can start uploading loan documents.

Job duties of DSA

The loan DSA does not just get potential leads but there are some other responsibilities also:

Procure the completed application form along with required documents from their leads.
Conduct a preliminary check of all the provided documents and ensure that all papers are genuine.
Upload these documents and the loan application form to track the status of approval.

Advantages of being Business Correspondent

You can earn an additional income and the amount you earn will vary from loan to loan and lead to lead.
You can run your business with zero investment with very little risk.
You can enjoy the flexible working hours and have a benefit of working from anywhere anytime.
There is no requirement of higher education to pursue this business partnership.
You do not require any additional training as it is provided in-house by the lending institution.

Benefits of borrowers while opting a loan via DSA

Any concerns related to loan queries you have can be quickly addressed by the loan agent.
You will be provided with a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to the financial products you are looking for.
The loan DSA is available if you require any service after sale.

This type of employment can be enjoyed by every salaried or self-employed individuals, student or retired, independent worker or homemaker etc. a person just cannot wake up and start selling loans, you will have to register for it. If you are an Indian citizen, your age ranges between 21- 60 years and Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria of Registering as DSA at ShubhBank, you are heartily welcomed by us.

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Posted on Friday December 20th, 2019

Have you achieved your financial goals before the New Year knocks at your door? Everyone is gearing up to welcome the New Year with pomp and splendor, we would suggest you to spare some time to assess the year gone by, especially in terms of finances. It is not a difficult task as we are always there to help you get head start. Here we are presenting some financial moves that you must take, if you want to be financially sorted for the coming year.

Status of your financial goals: Have you charted out how far have you reached in terms of achieving the financial goals? We understand that some of your goals are long term, hence, would take long time to achieve but what about your short term goals? It is high time to review the status of your goals. It will help you to figure out what’s been working or what’s not. Moreover, this outlines can help you priorities your goals or set the new ones for the coming year.

Revise your budget: If you don’t have your budget in place, it is better to start working on where you have been spending and if your priorities are in place or not. You can also re-outlay your budget for the New Year to maximize savings.

Make a strategy to pay-off after evaluating your debts: Your financial health can be affected by too many debts. So what’s situation you are in, how much loan do you have to repay and credit card dues you have? Ask yourself about unnecessary and unexplained expenses that can be cut down. It’s time to take complete control of your finances, cut down on expenses and dedicate your income towards clearing debts and savings. If your credit report is messed up, get focused on repairing it as it is important for your financial future.

Re-balance your financial portfolio: You have to invest somewhere to face the emergency situations in life. It is must to re-balance your finances at least once a year and the end of the year is the best time to do so. You must re-balance your portfolio only if your financial objectives have not changed otherwise you may consider changing your asset allocation. Re-balancing gets your investment portfolio back to its original state.

Review your insurance policy: Change is the way of life. Getting an adequate Insurance Policy can help you tide through unpredictable life and uncertainties thrown by it. It is advisable to review your insurance plans at least once a year to accommodate any changes. Changes may include from getting married/divorced to having a child to buying your dream house. As the magnitude of the change increases, you may consider increasing your insurance cover.

ShubhBank have got your back when it comes to financial assistance. Just click ShubhBank.com to start exploring whether you want to start your own business, to plan a long international holiday or invest in something that interests you.