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Posted on Wednesday March 30th, 2022

In last two years, professional life has become more stressful than it ever was. As in our growing years, we heard was that an ideal job is meant for 9am to 5pm but in reality, job doesn’t end at 5pm and most of us use to work until late night. Therefore, getting an ideal job is just a dream these days.

Don’t stress because we have a way out as ShubhBank can fulfill the dream of having an ideal job as we are giving you an opportunity to join our DSA program where you can work with no pressure and unrealistic targets. One can Register as DSA Loan Agent to prove their growth potential as well as to earn great income.

A DSA program gives you a job opportunity where you have to generate the lead for various loan products such as Home Loan, Personal Loan, and Business Loan etc. Once you submit a lead to the ShubhBank. We will start the loan process and after disbursal, you will get a payout. More you generate the leads, more you can earn the income. In this blog post, we have mentioned few good reasons of being DSA which are given below:

Flexible hours: A normal job has a lot of work timing; sometimes you end up working midnights to meet the deadlines. Unfortunately, these extra hours won’t be accounted and you won’t get paid for that which leads to frustration. However, being a DSA, you every minute of work is accounted for.

One can work in flexible hours and can plan his/her own work schedule. You will never miss out any important event of your life with our program as we give you the liberty to decide your working hours.

No Deadlines: Every normal job involves specific targets to be achieved and most of them are too unrealistic because even after working hard, you might not be able to get the appreciation that you deserve. If you Register as DSA Loan Agent Online at ShubhBank, your all efforts will be appreciated to generate the leads.

You are free to discuss your leads with our Loan officer. You also have opportunity to achieve additional leads and you can compensate it with next year by doing lesser leads. It will give you ample amount of time to fulfill other commitments.

Flexible income: Your conventional job will always give you a fixed salary and even sometimes, you won’t get any increment or a reward more than once a while. Our partner program rewards you at each milestone apart from your regular earnings.

One can earn flexible earnings and give you an opportunity to earn high incentives. An important thing to remember is that your payout is totally based upon how much your work and how successful leads you get. Hence, generate the leads, get them disbursed and enjoy your reward.

Now, what are you waiting for? Register as a loan DSA with ShubhBank partner program and start earning smart payouts as soon as possible by getting most flexible job ever.

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Posted on Monday November 29th, 2021

In this competitive era, a dream of ‘ideal job’ is far from coming true. There is a competition everywhere, from getting a job to get succeed against other office employees. The constant pressure of doing well at job area and maintaining your position takes a toll on your professional and personal life. The work pressure, unaccommodating working hours make your life more miserable.

Let us give you the benefits of salaried employee in a business environment. ShubhBank offers you a tailor made opportunity to become a DSA loan agent to fulfill all your needs without any stress. It will be an ideal and most flexible job anyone could get.

Flexible Hours: If you are working in an office environment, you have to work for specific hours and sometimes you have to do overtime without any financial gains. As a result, excessive working hours can deteriorate your health as well as you always feel guilt ridden to spend very less time with your family.

However, these problems can rest in peace the time you Register as a DSA with ShubhBank. One can work flexible hours and avoid being too busy doing your monetary job.

Flexible targets: In any mundane job, you have set targets to achieve in the fixed time. Sometimes, you still lack behind on your targets as the deadline approaches you and stress starts to build up but if your work with ShubhBank, one doesn’t need to face any anxiety because he/she can decide his/her own targets with your flexible work hours.

Being a DSA can achieve additional targets in a specific time and compensate it in next tenure by doing lesser targets. It will provide you a chance to fulfill your other personal as well as professional commitments.

Flexible income: In a conventional job, you get a fixed salary at the end of every month. You don’t get any kind of increment till the time you get promoted to the higher post or after completing a specific period of time in any organization. Once you register as loan DSA online at ShubhBank, you will get a chance to earn flexible benefits. The whole benefit and incentives are based upon how many leads you generate and on their successful loan disbursal. Therefore, you can earn exactly what you work for.

Flexible practice: Being in a particular job, one has to follow many rules set by your employer. If you don’t follow any of fixed rules, you have to face the wrath of your superiors. However, ShubhBank gives you an opportunity to be a business owner with our loan partner program.

One can set his/her own rules, norms and conditions as well as targets as you are working to earn on your own terms. We will guide you throughout the process but the working hours flexibility remains in your domain.

So Register as Loan DSA at ShubhBank as soon as possible to reap the benefits of flexible working hours and flexible earnings without facing any stress in the life.