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Posted on Monday April 23rd, 2018

Buying a house is a remarkable memory in one’s life as it involves expenditure of huge amount. Some people manage buying a home through their savings; others depend upon “Loans to Fulfill their Dreams” of possessing a house. A perfect paperwork should be the only criterion to buy a new house. You should exercise upon whether the builder has all the necessary paperwork done before you invest in a project. We list out certain precautions that you must take before buying a new house. It is of utmost importance to check the title deed of the land as it gives the clarity whether the builder owns the property being sold and he has the right to sell or transfer the ownership. These are permission or approvals and No Objection Certificates that allows the builder to start actual construction work legally. You must verify all the documents like the layout plans have been approved by the concerned authorities. When you have cleared all the process, check if everything you were promised has been mentioned in the purchase agreement. Buying a new house is a big investment decision of your life so be ensure that your investment is safe.

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Posted on Tuesday April 3rd, 2018

Amid today’s booming real estate prices, it is not possible to buy a new home without financial assistance. Buying a home or owning a plot is one of the most basic necessity in life. Having a home that we can call our own not only ensures a shelter for our loved ones but also other financial securities. The easiest form of housing finance come from bank home loans as it act as an investment  instrument as the value of real estate is always on a rise being a leading bank in Chandigarh, ShubhBank offers a loan solutions for a plethora of housing needs at attractive interest rates. The bank offers loans with easy and fast approval and processing . Salaried persons as well as self employed business persons and professionals can “Take Home Loan” from us. We provide you with a loan which offers to fund a large share in the project costs and allows you to equated installments . We allow a longer repayment period and higher loan amounts making it a flexible option for customers.

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Posted on Monday February 26th, 2018

It is a very stressful experience for being in a debt. If you have “Secured Home Loan” then you become obligated to repay it even if you have life changing experience like job loss, increased expenses and major accident. With the rising prices, many families have felt the lack of income growth and cause a unintended consequence of debt. So we have discussed some simple steps to get out of the debt. Budget is the important towards managing your finances, so create a realistic budget and strictly stick to it. Reducing the expenses will definitely add to your savings and will help you to get our of debt.Credit cards seems to be very attractive but they charge a big rate of interest, so use it wisely. Open an additional savings account to reserve for either emergencies or a goal like to pre closure of loan. It will turn to a considerable amount tat will give you a boost to save more and be more money wise