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Posted on Monday March 21st, 2022

Nowadays, interest rates on Home Loan are at all time low, therefore having a strong credit score as well as repayment capacity, you will be able to get a home loan at lowest possible interest rates. However, there are some other significant factors also to review before you Apply For Home Loan which involves your income, CIBIL score and existing debts. One also needs to look after the price of house you are about to purchase.

Home Loan is a long term commitment for everyone, so it is always good to decide on best home loan deals for you which can be repaid easily and available at competitive rates of interest. One should review all these significant factors to ensure a pleasurable borrowing experience with financially stable life.

Know your budget: It is one of the fundamental things to look upon while planning a budget to purchase a home because it is necessary to assess your financial health before making a down payment. It will help you to prevent from debt burden in the future and keep your loan journey stress-free.

Start saving early for down payment: Buying a home is every individual’s dream, so it is important to plan your finances at an early age to save a specific amount for down payment. Your down payment could range from 20-25% depending upon the loan type and the lender you chose.

Setting a specific amount for your savings every month is a great way to reserve the money for your down payment. The other option to save an ample amount of money is to go for fixed deposits.

Keep an eye on Credit Score: A credit check is really important while applying for a home loan because if you have a good CIBIL then the chances of loan approval will become much higher. Most of the lenders offer you cheaper interest rates if you have a high credit score. Hence, it is advisable to check your credit score whether you Apply For Home Loan Online or offline.

Check your loan eligibility: One can check his/her loan eligibility online through various lending websites free. The eligibility criteria may vary from lender to lender but the basic things you need to check on is your age, income source, credit score and repayment capability etc. if you meet all the requirements, you can easily avail a home loan at smart interest rates.

Documentation: When you apply for a home loan, you have to obtain and submit some required documents which will decide the speed of your loan processing. If all the documents come in hand, you are going to get a fast loan disbursal in your bank account.

Compare best loan offers: Never get tempted for low or similar interest rate loans. There are number of other things that can influence your borrowing cost. To exemplify, there are some elements linked with loan amount such as processing fee, hidden charges and so on. You must consider all the aspects of the loan terms and conditions before finalizing the loan deal.

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Posted on Monday February 21st, 2022

Do you believe in common perception that self-employed people never gets an easy approval on home loan? But to your surprise, lenders lend to self employed with a predefined set of terms and conditions. Every lender has some specific set of criteria which a borrower has to fulfill to get their home loan approved. Self employed individuals such as doctors, lawyers and businessmen can Apply For Home Loan easily.

There are number of lenders in the market who offer customized loans according to your needs and budget. Lenders will evaluate your repayment capacity bases upon income tax returns and balance sheets of your business to approve your loan application. However, home loan is a biggest commitment so lenders feel risky to approve an application of self-employed person as he/she doesn’t have a well defines source of income.

In this blog post, we have mentioned some steps which can ensure lender to approve your home loan applications which are listed below:

Add a co-applicant to your application: If you are self employed then adding a co-borrower will strengthen up your eligibility and can help you to get an easy approval on home loan. When you add a co-borrower in your loan application, lender may get confident to lend you a desired amount as lending institution will now has a two person to repay the loan amount.

Make co-borrower a co-owner of home: If co-borrower who applied for a loan with you also be a co-owner of your home, then your chances to get loan approval increases automatically because lenders approve home loans to such applicants quickly but you need to fulfill the prescribed eligibility criteria for that.

Have a guarantor with you: When you Apply For Home Loan Online or offline, try to have a guarantor to ensure your home loan application get approved by the lender as it reduces the risk factor of the specific lender about the repayment of loan quantum. A loan application signed with a guarantor will assure the lender about the repayment because if in some situation, borrower fails to repay the loan, lender will recover the outstanding amount from the guarantor.

Well, the eligibility criteria and norms may vary from lender to lender but to get risk-free, every lender will ask some basic set of documents from a self-employed individual while availing a home loan which is mentioned below:

Identity Proof

Bank statements of current and saving s account

PAN card

Educational qualification or degrees.

Address proof.

ITRs of last two years.

Proof of business Entity.

Audited financial statements of business by a chartered accountant.

Everyone dreams of having their own dream house in which he/she can live with his/her beloved ones. When a person gets stable with his/her earnings in business or has enough savings to pay a down payment for a home loan, then getting an approval for a loan against home is not a big concern for you. Hence, following the above mentioned steps, one will surely get an easy approval on home loan.

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Posted on Friday January 14th, 2022

Buying your own house is one of the biggest financial goals you will ever be a part of because in our country, a loan against home can be offered up to 25-30 years. Therefore, one needs a lot of patience and determination when it comes to Apply For Home Loan. One of the main reasons behind the longer tenure of home loan in India is due to sky rocketing prices in real estate business.

Of course, home loan is not a cheap deal as it cost you in lacs or even in crores. This big chunk of money is not an easy task to arrange at such an early age of 25-30. Hence, most of the individuals take the help of home loan in our country to fulfill the wish of owning a home. Since, it is an affair of huge amount and at early age you are not able to accumulate such wealth, so we have listed few things to consider before making a budget for home loan.

Well, following such thing, one must be able to save enough funds for the down-payment. Let’s have a look on those tips:

Plan a Budget: It is the thing that can be easily learnt from your parents. Planning a budget will help you to understand your spending habits in a better way. Start it by writing down your monthly earning following the list of your fixed expenses like electricity bills, water bills, groceries, rent etc. In the end, you can conclude what you are left with and how much you can save from your monthly income.

Start an Investment plan: Sometimes, savings are not the only solution to your long-term financial goals. If you are working hard to earn a smart salary or profits from your business, then let your savings work hard too. Try to invest in mutual funds, equity funds or other government securities to earn a good amount from there too. As long as you give it a time frame, like 3-5 years, you can expect great returns and profits from your investment plans.

Improve your Credit Score: Always be aware of your Credit Score as it is very important to secure any loan in your future. It is necessary to pay your credit card bills and existing loan EMIs on time. When your credit score is above 750+, the lending institutions term you as a trustworthy borrower and hence will allow you to secure the home loan at lowest interest rates. Therefore, keep an eye on your credit score as any sort of discount matters, as it saves you a lot of money on interest.

At the end, we can say that purchasing a home is a big decision and needs a lot of money. Therefore, if you don’t have enough funds for the down-payment of home loan, then it’s a right time to start planning a budget, investment plan or savings. When you feel ready, just Apply For Home Loan Online or offline at ShubhBank to borrow a right deal to buy your own dream house.

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Posted on Monday November 15th, 2021

Availing a loan against home helps you to fulfill the long pending dream of buying own personal space which you can call out to be your own home. With the secured loan amount, purchasing a home becomes very easy. However, when you Apply For Home Loan the loan procedure might be very simple but what one must be ready for is the monthly installment which he/she has to repay until the loan tenure ends.

An equated monthly installment might take up half of your salary and it might affect your future planning also. Therefore, it is very important that you plan your finances well in advance to make sure that you should not only repay your home loan EMIs but also work on other investments as well as savings. Here, we have explained some of the ways how to plan your monthly financial goals towards repaying your home loan.

Monthly income: It is the key important that decides how much installment you will pay every month. Your monthly income helps the lending institute in understanding if you can repay the home loan easily. Therefore, one must plan the EMI amount in such a way that it may not affect your daily expenses and other financial goals. Efficient planning of monthly installments will help you in reducing your debt burden.

In the early years of your age, you can choose a higher EMI amount as monthly income in the private sector usually gets a hike every year. So after a certain period of years, you will be going to have a considerable hike on salary and the installment amount will be lower when compared to your monthly income.

Monthly expenses: The other important factor you need to look upon is your monthly expenditures. Laying out a budget will play a crucial role in this. Having a robust plan in your hands will help you in repaying the EMI amount without any stress. Try to focus on paying off the utility bills first and your EMI is of great importance. The remaining part of your salary can be used for maintain an emergency funds for immediate needs or for other expenses.

Loan tenure: Whether you Apply For Home Loan Online or offline, you must plan in advance that which loan tenure should be best for you- either long or short. Picking up a longer tenure helps you in lowering the EMI amount which can reduce the burden on your salary whereas a shorter tenure will help you in saving a lot of interest money which makes you end up paying in longer tenure. Therefore, plan a repayment period according to your needs and monthly income.

Loan Interest Rates: At the last but not the least, one also must check and compare different lenders and interest rates charged by them. Even a small change in the interest rate will help you in saving a lot of money and you will repay a lesser loan quantum. Hence negotiate well with the lender just to save the best for your financial future.

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Posted on Tuesday October 12th, 2021

Owning your dream house is a big deal for any individual for which he/she has to work hard and has to seek the financial assistance from any financial assistance to make their dream come true. Most of the population in our country starts earning at their early age and their dream of having their own home starts building up soon.

As all knows buying a home surely is a biggest investment as it has many charges included in it such as down payment, property taxes, registration charges, stamp duty etc. However, in your 20’s it is not an easy job to Apply For Home Loan. In this article, we have mentioned some of the hurdles and ways to tackle them to get your home before you turn 30.

Age: It is the basic criteria for any loan to be of age 25 years and if you are in early 20’s and want to avail a home loan, lenders may not be interested to process your loan. To your surprise, you can add your parents as co-applicant to assure the lender about repayments or you can produce proof of employment if you are working for more than a year to get a loan.

Steady income: At such early age, some youngsters just have completed their studies and have started their employment. Either they are self-employed or salaried individuals, it becomes difficult to secure a home loan.

If you are salaried, you can provide the lender with Form 16 for 2 years or salary certificate with copy of ITR whereas self-employed can submit the challans proving the paid advance income tax, assessment orders for 3 years, business proof and audited statements from last one year. If lender asks you to wait for said time then you can save funds for the down payment of your house.

Credit score: In your 20’s, it is difficult to have a strong credit score. One needs to have a good credit history, savings, balanced credit card payments, earlier repayment history etc. to build a strong credit history. It’s too much to expect these things from someone as young as in his/her early age. One should have prior knowledge about CIBIL score before they Apply For Home Loan Online or offline and start building the store from the very start of their employment.

Documents: One needs to have very specific documents in hand to avail a home loan. Before applying, you should start planning and get all the documents one by one in hand to avoid any rejection in the processing of a home loan. These documents may include your Aadhar card, PAN card, copy of approved plan for the construction of home, cost estimation from the bank’s panel, NOC of the society, other property papers etc.

Well, the requirement of documents and eligibility criteria for loan differs from lender to lender but the above mentioned list is basic one. Now when you know all about the hurdles and ways to get a home loan in early age, start planning from right now.

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Posted on Wednesday September 15th, 2021

With the economic transition in country, people tend to move from villages to cities in search of livelihood. Therefore, need for better housing has increased and it all demands great supply of money and this story continues to be written by financial institutes by providing home loans to assist your funding and to made your home acquisition much easier.

However, the cost of living needs ample amount of money which could make you dip into your savings but you can secure a home loan which is made available easily by the number of lending institution these days. Your dream house could be just a click away at ShubhBank where you can Apply For Home Loan to finance your needs.

Home loans are categorized under secured loans and their interest rate may vary from lender to lender. The repayments are done through equated monthly installment or EMI and depending upon the market value, lender may offer loan amount up to 80% of the total cost. The home loan solutions are planned upon the purpose of purchase or construction of the property, funds can also be secured for home extension or renovation.

Let’s have a closer look at the most popular home loan in India:

Loans for acquisition of land: These loans are available on flexible options to save funds and construct any type of home or just to treat your purchase as an investment. It is only available if you want to purchase a vacant plot to save, invest and earn.

Loan for the purchase of home: This type of loan is available for buying a new home or pre-owned home from the real estate agencies. The lender helps you purchase your own home on varied criteria which determines your interest rate. Typically, you can borrow up to 85% of the total property cost in these types of funding.

Home construction loan: If you are having a vacant plot and planning to construct a house of your own choice, apply for this home loan. These loans are specially designed for people who want to build their own house that suits their lifestyle. The loan quantum is approved on the basis of rough estimation of construction costs and disbursed in installments to your bank account.

Home extension loan: The loan is available for the individuals who want some changes in their existing home. In case, you want to add an extra room or bathroom or you want to alter the structure, you may seek a home extension loan with a rate of interest similar to the other home loans.

Home improvement loans: If you are looking to renovate your existing home or want to construct a water tank or need to carry out an electrical renovation, many lenders in the market offer loan for such home improvement plans.

Hence, you are now aware of popular kinds of home loans available in the lending market, so identify your requirement and select the right type of funding that suit your purpose and Apply For Home Loan Online or offline and enjoy the warmth of your personal space.