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Posted on Friday September 24th, 2021

It’s a 21st century and work life in this competitive era has become more stressful and discouraging than past times. In our childhood, we all heard that getting an armchair job meant 9am to 5pm but work doesn’t end at 5pm these days as some people end up working until midnight. However, ideal job is just a dream now.

Now, just imagine what if you get an opportunity to work with no pressure, no unrealistic target, and unlimited growth potential as well as high chances of earning income. It sounds imaginary, but ShubhBank can fulfill this dream. We are giving you opportunity to Register as Loan DSA with us to enjoy flexible working and earnings.

Our partner program is a job opportunity where one has to generate loan leads. A loan DSA can work on various loan product such as Home loan, Business Loan, Personal Loan, Gold Loan etc. Once you generate a lead of potential loan seeker, you will submit it to ShubhBank. Afterwards, we will continue with loan processing and when the loan money gets disbursed to the borrower, you will get a payout.

There are some other good features also which makes ShubhBank’s partner program the best choice for you and your future which are mentioned below:

Flexible working hours: Some of the normal jobs end up working late nights when the deadline is running tight. However, your extra working hours won’t be accounted and you won’t get paid for that. It always lead to frustration but our partner program, your every minute is accounted of work. You can decide your working schedule and can work flexible hours without missing any important event.

Flexible targets: One have to be involved in specific targets to be matched in normal jobs which can be too unrealistic and sometimes, after working so much, one might not get the required appreciation but ShubhBank appreciates all your efforts you have done, being our loan DSA. You can discuss your targets with loan coordinator to complete the commitments on time.

Flexible earnings: When you work with some specific organization, you will be given with a fixed salary, sometimes they don’t give you bonuses, increments or appraisals more than once in a year. Moreover, promotions may take ample amount of time. With ShubhBank partner program, you will be rewarded at each milestone, once you complete it from your regular income.

You can Register as a DSA Online or offline with ShubhBank to earn flexible income and will give your great opportunity to earn a high incentive. The only thing to keep in mind is that your payout and other earnings will entirely depend upon the amount of your work and efforts you put to generate the leads.

So what are you waiting for till now? Apply for our partner program and become a loan DSA with ShubhBank in no time. Hence, generate the loan leads, wait for the loan processing. You will earn your reward when the loan amount gets disbursed into borrower’s bank account.

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Posted on Monday December 23rd, 2019

Ever you have been applied for a loan, not directly from bank or NBFC but through some agent? Have you wondered why this person is trying to get you secure a loan when you can do it by visiting a lending institute? Well for beginners it is not a scam, they are the people who help you procure a loan from a bank or NBFC are direct selling agents. They work to find potential borrowers for the organization they represent. To do so, they on look for loan seekers and these leads are then directed to the concerned bank or NBFC and the loan processing is taken forward. There is a process that needs to be followed when it comes to becoming a direct sales agent. Every lending platform has its own registration process. You can Register As a Loan DSA with ShubhBank in such common steps:

Visit and submit your application to the branch or you can register online as well.
You will ask to furnish some documents and they will be verified afterwards.
If there is no issue with your background check, a registration agreement with the right stamp duty will be sent to you.
Fill the required details, sign the agreement and submit it. Post this, DSA code will be issued to you.
After receiving your code, you can start uploading loan documents.

Job duties of DSA

The loan DSA does not just get potential leads but there are some other responsibilities also:

Procure the completed application form along with required documents from their leads.
Conduct a preliminary check of all the provided documents and ensure that all papers are genuine.
Upload these documents and the loan application form to track the status of approval.

Advantages of being Business Correspondent

You can earn an additional income and the amount you earn will vary from loan to loan and lead to lead.
You can run your business with zero investment with very little risk.
You can enjoy the flexible working hours and have a benefit of working from anywhere anytime.
There is no requirement of higher education to pursue this business partnership.
You do not require any additional training as it is provided in-house by the lending institution.

Benefits of borrowers while opting a loan via DSA

Any concerns related to loan queries you have can be quickly addressed by the loan agent.
You will be provided with a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to the financial products you are looking for.
The loan DSA is available if you require any service after sale.

This type of employment can be enjoyed by every salaried or self-employed individuals, student or retired, independent worker or homemaker etc. a person just cannot wake up and start selling loans, you will have to register for it. If you are an Indian citizen, your age ranges between 21- 60 years and Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria of Registering as DSA at ShubhBank, you are heartily welcomed by us.

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Posted on Monday September 24th, 2018

Starting out a new venture could be enormous, as it requires a physical effort, time and mental strategy. If you feel that you are made for doing something bigger and more interesting then it’s time to follow your inner voice. The two most critical aspects to make your venture a smashing success are a cracking business plan and the flow of investment. If you have already saved up an ample amount of cash to start investing your own product/service, then you are blessed with a boon and if you are restricted with financial liberty, you need a money backup. To help you “How To Start Your Own Business” you find the best loan offers at ShubhBank. It is the great way to fund your dream project. Being an entrepreneur is a big challenge as it come with own perks and risks. When you feel enough motivated and good at handling the failures then only analyze your idea. You must know everything about various factors that could wreck your dream venture to avoid the financial disaster in your business. It is easier to grab a loan if you have a clear plan and some assets as collateral.

ShubhBank provides the Business Loan with and without collateral to start your venture. We aim at providing you a substantial amount of capital foe your concrete plans. Various kinds of products are available at various cost structures in the market but ShubhBank have different approach on this. Before stepping into borrowing, you must be well aware of the strengths and weakness of your offerings and possible opportunities in your area of expertise and your level among your competitors. After analyzing various aspects of your product/service, next step is getting to know your target audience better so that it will not be a misfit to a set of audience. Your application approvals depend on how you present your business idea that can turn into a full-fledged working enterprise that earns a profit. Your income, credit history and repayment capacity will be considered before transaction. The interest rates depend upon the quantum you need for your start-up. If you need to acquire a large amount, you would have to provide something as collateral.

Our financial products have quicker turn around time and lesser need of documents. We can help you get the approval in an instant and paperless manner. Interest rates are being tied to your credit report, so you can check your Credit Score online at our website. As long as you have the required documents, your application will get approved and disbursed without any complications. The mentioned documents must be provided such as ID, address and income proof. They may vary for salaried and self-employed individuals. While applying, presenting yourself a credible borrower will give you a great boost in approval. As now you have a clear idea about the kind of offerings available on Business Loan from ShubhBank, it’s time to take the step and start your own business and inspire others with proper avenues of growth.

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Posted on Friday May 25th, 2018

India is blessed with billions of populations that supplies unlimited consumer base for financial industry. These consumers create an opportunity for young enthusiasts to build their own market based on the references and local geographical market research.


Novelty lies in the fact that even if you don’t have enough papers to show your market credentials as required by bank , even though you can enroll substantially with various lending giants like shubhbank.com , authorized by multiple financial institutions to sell vivid products of need of all consumer sector. You must choose your expertise for selling a product that embarks you strongly to populate the ideas of putting more consumers under specific products. Few outsourced products that facilitates you to grow your business and earn are mentioned below .


1. Machinery financing.


This potential products makes your business available to those who are very specific part of our Indian population and genuinely needs someone who can explain the product and offer valuable ways of earning for the cause of being self dependence and sustainable needs .


2. Business credit cards.


Unlike loans, a credit card provides access to revolving credit. This is when the lender provides you with a maximum credit limit. With the credit card, you make purchases, which lowers that available credit limit. When you make a payment, the credit limit goes back up. This provides you continual access to capital and offers a great consumer satisfaction , widest area to tap your potential earning .


Getting your startup off the ground with Personal and business loans.


Personal loans are the need of substantial earning population for the purpose of immediate personal fund . This facility of lending money attracts consumer interest and you go versatile to represent bank’s products as per their eligibility and requirement .


Home Loans


Home Loans are the big ticket size case where huge fundings are involved . Huge funding implies greater earning values . Best part in this type of funding expertise is that its related to emotions of people and is required by all the consumers who earn well above basic requirement .


An Idea of becoming entrepreneur :


Start Your Own Business” by becoming our associate channel partner. At ShubhBank we welcome all the enterprising enthusiasts to grow their business under our single platform of lending with multiple financial institutions. We authorize you to represent us and offer the products as required by client. So don’t worry to approach multiple banks directly. Spread your work from home or from your own office just by managing your client base and offer best financial prepositions. Enjoy the facility to earn unbelievable incentives and perks. Be your own boss and establish an earning mechanism without any initial expense. Join our winning team just by following few simple steps .For more details Call us @ 9041899222. Let’s begin the training before you end up becoming an entrepreneur.

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Posted on Thursday April 26th, 2018

There is no freedom in working like “Start Your Own Business“, quite a soul satisfying experience. You start your business initially and watching it growing and gaining an identity will make you feel even better that you created it. To grow your business more and getting it better with time, you must give it enough financial fuel when it needs so. At some point your small business gets self sufficient and to upgrade it you need a funding with smart solution. Relying upon yourself is the best financial security, just save a size able chunk of your earning so it acts as a cushion to the downfall. Businesses can get demanding at times especially financially. You can sell your assets to fetch a good price that will help to fund your start up. Nowadays various kind of startup loans are available to fund your business, you just need a focus and skill to run a business.