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Posted on Tuesday September 27th, 2022

There are few times when certain financial urgencies require immediate funding. However, borrowing from your relatives and friends can be a good option but sometimes it can strain your relationships and bonding. There might be few consequences of borrowing from the family such as your reputation can be on risk, vague terms in borrowing, and inability to repay as well as upset relationships.

So, what could be the alternative to it? When you face a financial crisis, you can face the above mentioned repercussions of borrowing from family and friends; therefore it’s always better to look for formal lending and financial institutions. One such alternative solution is gold loan. It is a secured loan, so it is available at lowest possible interest rate. You can Apply For Gold Loan with ShubhBank at your doorstep.

In this blog post, we will guide you through some benefits of availing a loan against gold from ShubhBank rather than borrowing from your relatives. Let’s read out some of them:

● Affordable rate of interest: In India, the rate of interest on gold loan starts from just 0.85% per month with zero processing fees. To illustrate, for every Rs. 100 borrowed, one just need to pay back Rs. 100.85 at the end of month. Isn’t it sounds great because no loan can be borrowed at such affordable rate of interest to meet your personal and business needs?

● Entire process at your doorstep: Nowadays, gold loan application can be made from your doorstep through online lending portals. ShubhBank has its own website where you can apply for loan online from your personal space. A loan executive will come to your doorstep to process your gold loan application and the loan will be disbursed within few minutes. The time when you repay the whole loan amount, your gold will be delivered to your place.

● Safety: When the loan quantum is disbursed in your account, your gold ornaments is packed in packets and stored in safe lockers in bank. After repayment, ShubhBank will deliver your gold safely to your location within 1-2 business days. Our institution holds the full responsibility of your gold, when our loan executive steps out of your doorstep after loan disbursal.

The one thing to keep in mind is that while borrowing against gold, your gold asset is at stake in case of default where as in case of borrowing from your relatives and friends, your relation and reputation will be on stake. Therefore, keep your family and friends as a last option and it is always preferable to meet your financial crunch independently through lending institution.

In recent times, when such easy financial options are available in the lending market, instead of putting your relation at stake Apply For Gold Loan Online or offline because it a best ever option out there. If you are in financial crunch, visit or click on our website ShubhBank.com to avail gold loan. You will find out great loan features with easy eligibility criteria as well as flexible repayment options on loan against gold.

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Posted on Friday August 26th, 2022

Nowadays, gold loan has become immensely popular as it offers various ways to repay the loan as compared to other secured loans. Most of the people take gold as investment, not only as ornament. One can pledge his/her gold ornaments as collateral with the lender who offers loan amount against provided gold jewelry to fulfill their personal or business needs.

Therefore, you can Apply For Gold Loan to get rid of any financial problem and contingency. It is one of the easiest ways to raise the funds for various needs such as medical emergencies, travel purposes, business deals and many more. The other reasons individuals avail gold loan at lowest possible interest rates and also have an option of flexible repayment structure.

A gold loan can be repaid in various ways unlike other secured loans. In this article, we have listed some of the super easy ways to repay the gold loan. Let’s read about those ways:

● Periodic EMIs: Most of the borrowers prefer this method where they have to pay the loan money from the month following the month of disbursal. It is a convenient option for salaried individuals who have regular flow of cash. The EMI comprises both the principal amount as well as interest charges. It is an easy repayment process as it deducts from your bank account monthly.

You can also opt auto debit method where the EMIs are automatically debited from your account on a fixed date for easy repayment. This way also helps you out to reduce the liability of interest rate as the loan tenure progresses ahead.

● Periodic Interest: It is one of the most common ways to repay the gold loan where interest rate and principal amount are kept separate from each other. One only has to pay the interest amount in form of EMIs and principal amount is paid at the end of loan tenure. It is best option for borrowers who want to keep their installment smaller or don’t have stable monthly income.

● Bullet repayment: This repayment method makes you to repay the interest and principal amount at the end of gold loan term. During the repayment period, neither you have to pay the interest nor the principal money. One has to repay the entire amount at the end of gold loan that is known as bullet repayment as you repay the whole amount at once at the end.

● Partial repayment: It is another method to repay a loan against gold where you can make the partial payments of interest as well as principal according to your needs and cash availability. You don’t have to pay the EMI every month as you can make the payments wholly or partially comprises of both interest and principle quantum.

Hence, one can witness various options for the repayment of gold loan but ask the lender about the flexibility of repayment before they Apply For Gold Loan Online or offline to avoid any debt burden or default. For more information on gold loan, visit ShubhBank for rescue in case of financial emergency.

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Posted on Monday July 25th, 2022

Nowadays, individuals looking for required funding have a lot of options offered by the lending sector and the best option among all credit solutions are Gold Loan especially for the loan seekers who have low credit score. There are number of people who suffer financial crunch and Apply For Gold Loan as it has speedy disbursement and flexible repayment structure.

A loan against gold is a secured loan that demands you to keep your gold ornaments and jewelry as collateral to the lender to access desired funds. It proves to be viable choice for low credit borrowers with short term cash needs.

The loan money can be used to fund any financial crunch and it is convenient because of its characteristics which are mentioned below:

High loan quantum: As compared to other secured and unsecured loan solutions, gold loan has a higher loan amount cap. The loan money directly based upon the quantity and purity of the gold that you are going to pledge with specific lender. This loan is the good option if someone requires a more considerable borrowing. One will get the 70-80% of the gold value as a loan amount.

No need of credit history: In case of gold loan, one needs not to be concerned about their credit history because lenders never consider your credit report while approving your loan application. The best thing about gold loan is that you are not obliged to disclose any existing loan before applying for loan against gold ornaments.

Low rate of interest: The gold loan has a lower rate of interest as compared to other secured loans such as Home Loan, Loan against Property and Machinery Loan etc.; therefore loan against gold is less expensive than other types of secured loan solutions. It means you will be required to repay the loan money with less money from your monthly budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

Flexible repayment structure: This is the best feature of gold loan because unlike other loans, gold loan can be availed with various loan repayment options. There are basically three types of repayment choices such as regular EMIs, you can pay only interest during the loan tenure and principal amount at the end or you can pay the interest as well as principal amount after the tenure with no repayments made in meantime.

Hence, it is an attractive option and one can Apply For Gold Loan Online or offline by leveraging their possession to receive desired cash in an emergency situation. ShubhBank is one of the leading NBFCs across country that provides gold loan with lowest and effective rate of interest. We provide you the flexible repayment options from which you can choose the best suitable for you.

One needs to submit their basic details and gold ornaments to the lender to get immediate funds which they can use for their personal and professional needs. We are there to support our customers in the direction of growth and to provide all the loan services at their doorstep valuing their time and money.

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Posted on Tuesday March 15th, 2022

However, digital payments were once a convenience but have become integral part of life these days. The restrictions have risen during the Coronavirus Outbreak which has further pushed this necessity. It’s not just the case as digitalization has also changed the way people borrow funds. Any potential loan seeker can now access the funds with a single click of fingertip sitting in their personal space.

As online loans are gaining momentum, especially gold loans are turned out to be savior in these tough times as they are offered on lowest possible interest rates and have easy repayment structure. It is easy to Apply For Gold Loan but there are certain things which you must check on while taking an online loan.

Lender’s Credibility: It is good to do a thorough research about the online lender and his/her credibility before you avail a gold loan. Get through various factors to verify the digital presence of the lending institution which involves authentic website, ethical loan terms and conditions as well as customer reviews. One can also check whether the lender is registered with RBI or a partner associate with verified financial institution.

Online Payment Mechanism: Prior making any digital payments for your gold loan, it is significant to track the verified accounts. Never make any payment under a DSA or loan executive name. To your convenience, digital lenders offer multiple repayment structures where you can repay your loan money using various EMI methods such as bullet repayment, regular monthly installments or overdraft facility.

Customer Relationship Management: Make sure yourself that the specific lending platform provides you with an efficient customer service mechanism because a legit online lender always provides you with reminders on repayments via SMS and mails on availing a gold loan. A real-time digital lender will ensure communication from the initial stage of taking a loan to the time until you repay your entire loan amount.

Rates of interest: It is the topmost advantages of digital loan against gold that you can easily compare the different lenders offering gold loan with different deals without asking your credit score. One can also compare the different rates of interest and other processing charges before you Apply For Gold Loan Online to choose a best lender for you. Other benefit associated with online gold loan that operation costs will be less, hence lowering borrowing costs.

Know the loan terms: The authentic lender always let you understand all the loan terms and conditions as well as all the processing fees details by their loan executive. However, it is borrower’s duty to read each and every loan clause carefully mentioned in the loan agreement before signing it. One can also compare the multiple gold loan schemes and its terms and conditions before finalizing any digital lender.

To get a best gold loan deals and customized assistance for your loan online then one stop solution, ShubhBank can be a great choice as they provide digital gold loans at competitive interest rates being a frontrunner in the gold loan market.

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Posted on Friday January 28th, 2022

In the times of Coronavirus Pandemic, the lives of common people have once hit hard as this outbreak deepens. Some of the small scale industries are either on the verge of shutting down or have been shut down whereas a huge portion of working individuals lost their source of earnings. In this time period, the demand for loans has risen. In our nation, every household has some quantity of precious metal which gives them the power to avail a gold loan to revive their source of income.

Gold loan is one of the most convenient options to get funds in pandemic. One can Apply For Gold Loan by choosing a suitable lender with their gold assets, get them evaluated and can access the needed funds. A borrower can secure up to 75% of gold market value as loan money. There are number of gold loan lenders who provide online or in-house evaluation of the gold.

Meanwhile, if you can’t afford any unsecured type of loan such as Personal Loan that demands strict eligibility criteria as well as good credit score, you can easily opt out the option of Gold loan as it doesn’t require any income proof or any credit history. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some of the parameters for which the gold loan demand has been risen up in today’s scenario:

Multi-purpose use: It is one of the good parts of this loan as there is no restriction on the usage of loan money. One can use these funds for personal or professional requirement and can get rid of any financial crunch.

Low rates of interest: As gold loan can be accessed easily because it is also offered at low rates of interest in lending market. The usual rate of interest for a gold loan stands at an average of 7.30% to 9% per annum.

Flexible loan quantum: It is one of the great benefits of this loan either you visit any specific lender physically or Apply For Gold Loan Online it always offers flexibility in principal amount offered by the lending institutes. One can secure a loan against gold for needful loan money depending upon your requirement and availability of the gold that you have to pledge he lender.

Less paperwork: One doesn’t require any salary proof or credit report to apply a gold loan, thus saving your time and making your loan experience more relaxed, you can get a loan with basic documents such as domicile certificate and identity proof. Every lending institution just verifies the purity of your precious metal that you are going to pledge for the loan.

Flexible repayment: In gold loan, you are free to choose a flexible repayment mode. One can choose a bullet repayment scheme or regular EMI option to repay the loan during the tenure.

Hence, knowing these attractive features and advantages of gold loan, it would not be wrong to say that demand for gold loan will elevate in coming days as it is most convenient and easy option to let down any financial burden.

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Posted on Tuesday August 24th, 2021

Nowadays, your gold ornaments are not just a priced possession or investment but also equip you with the potential of borrowing the money. In this article, we will guide you how to use your gold jewelry for instant funding.

Every Indian has a soft corner for gold and our country is one of the largest importers of gold across the globe. It provides you with certain sense of financial security at times of financial crunch where you can sell your gold to meet the obligations. However, selling your gold is not an option these days when you can Apply For Gold Loan instead of selling it. Let’s have a look how you can borrow money with the help o your gold ornaments.

Gold Loan: This loan allows you to borrow cash by pledging your gold with specific lender. In other words, you have to keep your assets with the lender to borrow funds against it. You have to repay the borrowed amount within fixed tenure to get your ornaments back. However, you can’t process loan of the entire value of the gold you going to pledge. You will be provided with some fixed percentage of the market value of pledged gold. A loan against gold makes much sense in a financial emergency.

A gold loan is a short term loan with tenure of 12 months to 3 years. The loan amount is offered per gram of gold to provide enhanced convenience to the customer. Every lender has his/her lending limits and rate of interest per annum for the gold loan. Thus, compare all the lenders to pick up the best one.

Unlike other types of secured loan, a gold loan has minimum eligibility criteria. One needs to be 21 years or above in age and should be the genuine owner of gold jewelry. The lender will not consider your profession, credit history, income etc. with such loan as you are keeping your prized metal as collateral against the loan money. In case of default, the lender has complete right to auction of your gold to recover the outstanding dues.

Apply for Gold Loan: A loan against gold is secured type of loan, so loan processing and approval is quick. In fact, you can Apply For Gold Loan Online to get the money disbursed in your account within a single day. You just need to select the right lender who offers you maximum loan value at attractive interest rate. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you can fill out the loan application and apply for a loan. Most of the lenders accept ornaments with purity of 99.99% for authenticity.

In life, there are several events where you require quick funds that might not readily available to you in the times of business loss or medical emergencies. Therefore, if you have gold jewelry, a gold loan can be better way out. ShubhBank gives you the instant access to the required funds to meet your emergencies with competitive rate of interest, fast approval, best customer services and minimal documentation.