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Posted on Tuesday May 26th, 2020

Personal Loans from ShubhBank are available in customized forms and have steadily developed the capability of fulfilling both the short and long term goals of their borrowers. These are basically unsecured loans that come collateral free and are pocket friendly growing at a rate of 20% every year. Nowadays, personal loans are being disbursed across a wide spectrum of financial institutions but the reason for growing popularity of Personal Loans at ShubhBank is that we have evolved into a variety of unique and demand specific financial product. You can either use it to renovate your home, purchase a gadget, organize a wedding or take a dream vacation. The availability of requirement oriented product has made this loan completely revolutionary as online personal loans are more inclusive and accessible. Here, we help you to understand that how Personal Loan from ShubhBank helps you to meet your financial needs and can prove to be a best fit for you.

1) Debt Consolidation: This loan can help you to consolidate all your debts under single umbrella. You can simply apply for Personal Loan from ShubhBank and need not to worry about paying multiple loans with fluctuating interest rates. You can club all your outstanding payments into one monthly installment and it will help you to shoot your financial troubles leaving you stress-free.

2) Wedding Expenses: Marriages in our country generally encompasses a big fat fanfare. A venue, the decor, outfits or the food, turning your wedding into a cherishable moment requires a healthy dose of finances and that’s what for we sponsor our personal loan. Our lending institution not just helps you to cover your all wedding expenses but also prevent you from breaking into your saved or emergency funds. At ShubhBank, you can avail Online Personal Loan to get funds with low monthly installments to deal with wedding expenditures without any hindrance.

3) Big Purchases: Sometimes, need of making large purchases can be sudden affair. A refrigerator or an AC might abruptly break down or your car need to be serviced after accident, so withdrawing cash from saving would dent them largely. Therefore, it would be wise choice to take a small personal loan rather than digging a hole into your pocket and helps you to make a big purchase.

4) Vacation: At the end, you can avail this loan to take your ideal dream vacation. A personal loan crafted at ShubhBank takes care of all your travelling expenses whether it is air tickets, accommodation fares or meal charges. You loan application would be processed within a time span of 2-3 business days giving you the chance to enjoy your awaited dream without taking the burden of expenses.

A personal loan from ShubhBank is increasingly customer-centric, goal-oriented and tailor made financial product which harbor the potential to help individuals fulfill their long-cherished dreams and responsibilities. So if you need to shed your financial worries, you can Apply For Personal Loan with low money cash outflow at ShubhBank.

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Posted on Thursday April 30th, 2020

Among the COVID-19 breakdown, the demand of personal loans has been increased as the cost of living is increasing as well as the ease of availability makes it the best option among all other financial products. It is an unsecured loan and has great potential to meet your financial emergencies and provide you with the funds needed to make significant purchases. There are also some other reasons why people are preferring more Personal Loans nowadays. Let’s have glance at those reasons:

Medical Urgency: There are few costs that protections plans don’t cover related to health related crisis and these can mount quicker than one can imagine. In such cases, many people choose the Personal loan from ShubhBank to meet these costs. With the hiking prices of healthcare facilities, surgeries and major illness cost a lot.

Debt Consolidation: It is one of the most important reasons to secure a personal loan these days. Debt trap are common and everyone at some stage of life get debt trapped. However, personal loans are bit expensive due to high interest rates but they are way cheaper than credit cards which incur interest over 30%. It is also beneficial when you have to pay for more than one or two loans, in that case, you can repay all the pre- existing loans by taking Personal Loan.

Improve Credit Score: A low credit rating always panic you as it affects your creditworthiness for future borrowing. Personal Loan is a great financial tool and individuals with poor credit score can take a small amount of this loan and timely repayment of this can boost their credit score but never default on the repayment as it can result in fall of credit score again.

Starting New Business: Getting approved for a business loan to start-up a new venture is a tough task. You have to meet certain criteria and have to submit piles of documents to qualify a business loan. Therefore, going for a personal loan is the best option as there is no restriction on the use of borrowed money.

Marriage Expenses: Our country is known for big fat wedding as people take this event on their financial status. It needs lakhs of money from costumes to catering, nowadays; shortage of money is not a big deal. As things are changing these days and availing a personal loan from ShubhBank is a best solution to that situation.
Purchasing Latest gadgets: Advanced mobile phones, new age home apparatuses and upgraded technology have turned out to be more extravagance than need. All these things make the personal loan a great choice to acquire your dream gadgets.

Today, the number of personal loan borrowers is increasing to greater extent due to certain obligations or may be dreams. But always be careful about borrowing as it is not a fun, you are bound to repay much more along with the interest rate. Always think wisely before borrowing and Apply For Personal Loan at ShubhBank whenever you are in dire need.

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Posted on Monday April 6th, 2020

As per COVID-19 outbreak, the whole country gone self-quarantined which have given rise to the unemployment, dismantling your monthly budget and also flattened the daily wages. However, credit cards would be helpful in such scenarios but there is time where you need cash to pay and then you have to think about other options. In these times, people think of the loan that is easily available in their personal space with great features. So, the Gold Loan from ShubhBank is the right choice in such tough times. It is the only loan which doesn’t require any income proof so there is easy schedule of EMI through this loan. Let us make you understand that how Gold Loan from ShubhBank services in COVID-19 lockdown to cut the crisis of cash.

To secure a Gold Loan you have to pledge your gold ornaments as collateral in our financial institutions. The loan quantum will be the 75% of the market value of the gold and your EMI will be a low key as it is secured loan which could be easy to afford. When you repay the whole amount, you will get you assets back. A Gold Loan from ShubhBank can be availed by sitting at your desk in your home as we offer digital platform for lending but you have to visit a once to pledge your yellow metal. We will evaluate your pledged metal after verifying all the KYC documents. After evaluation, we will cater the loan according to your requirement, then you have to decide what loan quantum you need and decide the tenure in which you repay the entire loan money. Thus, the EMIs will be planned accordingly. If your loan gets approved, then the loan money would be transferred to your bank account within few minutes to few hours.

As mentioned above, you can Apply For Gold Loan at ShubhBank in easy and simple way but there are few other financial products which could also be helpful to fund your needs that are discussed below:

Personal Loan: A Personal Loan from ShubhBank is one of the popular short term loans in the tricity. However, the rate of interest on this unsecured loan is high but if you are in need of immediate funds then it has no comparison. You can also avail it online at our website ShubhBank.com.

Loan against Insurance policy: If you are a policyholder, then you can apply for a loan against Insurance from ShubhBank. If you are in short-term crisis, then it can be an excellent alternative to the personal loan. The most advantageous thing is that you have the full tenure of policy to pay back the loan. However, you get this loan easily but if you default on premium or principal or on interest rate, you policy will lapse and insurer has right to recover the loan money from the surrender value of the policy. Therefore, plan your loan and EMIs accordingly.

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Posted on Thursday March 12th, 2020

There are many times that we face a sudden huge expense and without the proper capital, it can be quite troublesome. Do not worry as there are many banks that let you Apply For Personal Loan Online. Personal loans are brilliant as you do not have to keep anything as collateral, that is, you are not pledging anything as security. As a result, you would have to have a good credit history to be eligible for applying for such a loan. You can use the money taken out for any reason as you deem worthy. You can use it to go out for a vacation, for your marriage, sudden medical emergency or even for home renovation. Personal loans are very flexible and the best part is nowadays you do not have to wait in long lines to get your loan application processed; just log on to the website of your preferred bank and follow the necessary steps to apply for the loan online. Apply for a personal loan in tricity today without any hassle!

What to do before you apply for the loan?

Before you Apply For Personal Loan there are few things to reconsider. Carefully assess why you need the loan and how you will manage to pay it back. For this, you must be aware of your credit history. A through research should also be done by you so that you can get the best interest rate.

Eligibility criteria to full fill

After you have compared the different banks and picked the ones that you like. It is best to go through the eligibility criteria prescribed by them. The following eligibility criteria are common to most banks. The bank of your choice may have its own policies so it is better that you go through all the literature given in the terms and conditions so that you can make the best choice for yourself. The eligibility criteria for a self-employed person very from a salaried person so be sure to check out what you need.

The following are criteria which must be fully by a salaried person:

● The age of the person should be between 24 years to 60 years.
● The net monthly income of the person must not be less than 20000 rupees.
● The credit score of the person must be above 750.
● The minimum loan amount that the salaried person must take out is 100000 rupees while the maximum limit is 20 lacs.

The following are criteria which must be fulfilled by self-employed person:

● The age of the person should be between 24 years to 55 years.
● The net monthly income of the person must not be less than 25000 rupees.
● The credit score of the person must be above 750.
● The minimum loan amount that the salaried person must take out is 100000 rupees while the maximum limit is 30 lacs

Say goodbye to the long lines that you had to wait in for long hours to get your loans approved. Go through all the necessary information online. Apply for the loan from anywhere and be at ease as you get the best services from your preferred bank from the comforts of your house.

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Posted on Tuesday February 25th, 2020

A loan is something that helps you when you need a bulk amount. Personal loans give you the flexibility to choose funds as per your needs. It is one solution to your various issues like travel costs, wedding expenses, medical emergency, home renovation, etc.

How To Apply?
Applying for a personal loan is a very simple process, and your loan will be credited in your account within 24 hours. That’s not time-consuming. What can be time-consuming is the verification and approval of your personal details. But that also should not take long.

You can apply for your personal loan sitting in your comfort zone right now, online. Just follow the following process:

1. Filling up the application form is the first step of this process. Provide your personal, employment, and financial details, as required.
2. Select the amount you want to loan and also the tenor.
3. Submit the required documents, if any. An attendant will contact you as soon as your loan is approved.
4. You will get your loan amount within 24 hours.

So you see, you can easily Apply For Personal Loan Online. It is simple, as well as hassle-free.

Eligibility Criteria
If you are a student or a non-employed individual, you are not eligible for applying for the loan. You need to be a salaried professional or a self-employed individual, aged between 25 years to 58 years, to be eligible for a personal loan.


For salaried professional

1. Identity proof- Voter ID/ PAN card/ Passport/ Driving license.
2. Residential proof- Utility bill/ Passport.
3. Last 3 months bank statement.
4. Last three months salary slip.
5. 2 passport size photographs.

For self-employed individual

1. KYC documents such as identity proof, address proof and date of birth proof.
2. Residential proofs.
3. Income certificate or income proof.
4. Bank statement of last 6 months.
5. Office address proof.
6. Residential proof and proof of office ownership.

Personal Loan In Chandigarh

In Tricity, there are many banks offering a personal loan. They have features that provide us with instant approval and a great rate of interest.

Here is a list of features of personal loan in Chandigarh.
• Their personal loan is available for a maximum of 7 years.
• Self-employed and salaried professionals, both are eligible for applying for a personal loan.
• Will have the flexibility to refund the loan by ECS or by direct debit or by post-dated checks.
• In Tricity, apart from the online procedure, the offline documentation process is also pretty fast as well as easy.
• Prepayment facility is also available there.
• Easy and faithful balance transfer facility is given to every consumer.

If you are a first-timer, you should conduct appropriate research before choosing a bank. You check things like credit score, down payment options, debt-to-income ratio, loan shop, their experience, and other few things. There are many people who fear to apply for a loan because they feel insecure about their future. Maybe they think if they face problems while returning the loan amount, they might lose everything. It’s not an uncommon thought; anyone can go through this kind of thought while applying for a loan. But nowadays banks are upgrading themselves with new technologies and new facilities, as well as becoming faithful day by day. They are giving you flexibility and long term time to return the loan. Always remember not to fall into the trap of borrowing from lenders. They will charge the highest interest rates.

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Posted on Friday February 14th, 2020

There are many reasons why people want to take out a personal loan, but finding the correct place to go to can be quite difficult. If you have been looking for a place to get a Personal Loan In Chandigarh then your work has been made easy as now you can apply for a personal loan online without any hassle.

What eligibility criteria I have to meet apply for a personal loan?

The eligibility criteria will differ from company to company. Still, these are some of the basic criteria that must be fulfilled so that you can stand a chance to get the personal loan that you are looking for. You have to keep in mind that the eligibility criteria shall be different for salaried and self-employed individuals. Some of the most common criteria are as follows:

• For a salaried person, the age should be between 23 years to 60 years while self-employed individuals must be between 23 years to 55 years.
• The salaried person should make at least 20000 rupees per month while the self-employed person must make 25000 rupees in profit for a month.
• Your credit score must be above 750.
• The minimum loan amount that you will be able to collect will be around 100000, and the maximum will be 25 to 30 lacs.

Different types of personal loans:

People take personal loans for a lot of reasons, and according to the reasons, the kind of personal loan will be given to you shall be decided. Some of the most common reasons why people take out personal loans are-

• Weddings
• Vacations
• Festivals
• Renovation of home

Documents to keep ready before you apply for the loan

Without these documents, you shall not be able to apply for your loan. Keep them in hand while you Apply For Loan Online. These documents include:

• Identity proof- PAN card, voter ID card, passport, Driving license, etc.
• Residential proof- Utility bills or passport.
• Proof of income- For a salaried individual you may have to produce your bank statement of the previous two years, and the self-employed person shall have to produce an audited financial statement of the past two years.

Things to keep in mind while finalizing your decision to take out a loan:

• Make sure that you are doing proper research about the company from which you will take out your loan.
• Many people tend to ignore what is written in the fine print; that can be quite a hassle. Read every single line carefully. If you any problem understands any term make sure to get the advice of a professional.
• While repaying make out a clear cut plan to repay the loan. Make sure that that you can repay the amount without any hassle. This will make sure that credit rating is always high, and you never face a problem getting a loan in the future.

The best part about applying online is that you do not have to form long lines or go to any office to get your documents verified. Gets a personal loan sitting at your home today.