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Posted on Monday September 19th, 2022

Nowadays loan against your residential or commercial property is a best way to raise lump sum cash. You are free to use the loan amount for any wedding event, business expansion or home renovation etc. It is an outstanding option to utilize the value of your property to meet any financial requirement. One can Apply For Loan against property and can mortgage his/her property by meeting up the eligibility criteria asked by the specific lender.

The loan amount, interest and tenure can vary from lender to lender depending upon the value of your property as well as credit worthiness. It is good to assess your financial situation before getting a loan. Here, in this blog post we have prescribed some points to look at before availing a Loan against Property. Let’s go through these points:

⇒ Assess your financial profile: One can start it by consolidating their total income and total debt including your rent, insurance premiums, children’s school fees etc. one you find the difference between two, you will come to know what you left with to pay an EMI for a new loan. There are number of lending platforms that provide EMI calculator to understand your potential. You just need to enter your desired loan amount, tenure and interest rate; you will get your EMI.

⇒ Loan repayment period: Everybody needs to fix their repayment structure judiciously. Any individual gets tempted to pick longer tenure and shorter EMIs but one must be aware that you will end up paying higher rate of interest making your borrowing cost higher. Therefore, it is good to know your EMI capacity so that you could minimize your repayment period.

⇒ Never delay your EMIs: When a borrower delays their monthly installments, lender may levy a penalty which also adds up to your loan cost. Moreover, delayed repayments can affect your credit report adversely. It is always good to be disciplined with your payments to maintain your credit profile.

⇒ Convenience: Time is priceless and crucial factor in any transaction, so one should always look for a lender with whom you can Apply For Loan against property Online rather than wasting your time by visiting a branch with pile of papers. ShubhBank offers an online lending platform which is a convenient way to avail a loan. Visit our website and click on “Apply Now” for loan against property and upload your details to submit your application.

⇒ Right lender: Any potential loan seeker should choose a lender after checking some important parameters because applying a loan with multiple institutions can hinder your credit score which can lead to loan rejection. ShubhBank is a renowned lending platform that offers loans with complete transparency and has a smooth operation with speedy loan processing. It would be a wise decision to choose an authentic lender with easy eligibility criteria.

Hence, after going through these points, you must be aware of the fact that these things are extremely important to make any informed decision regarding mortgaging your commercial or residential property to fulfill your personal or professional needs.