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Posted on Monday September 27th, 2021

An EMI or equated monthly installment is the payment which you are charged for repaying the loan amount you are approved for and interest charged on it. It will not be the same amount until the end of the repayment period. There are number of factors that impact the amount of the installments that you pay towards the principal amount when you Apply For Loan. We have mentioned some of the factors that can highly affect your EMI in this article. Let’s have a look:

Change in interest rate: Your rate of interest can vary many times during the tenure of the loan. However, it can impact you in both positive and negative way as if interest increases, you will have to repay more EMIs whereas a reduced interest rate can lower your installments.

Generally, there are two types of interest rate- fixed and floating. If you choose fixed interest rate on your loan, then changes in the rate will not affect your EMI but if you go for a floating rate of interest on your loan, then your EMI keeps on changing with the change in RBI rate guidelines.

Prepayment of loan: One has a right to prepay a lump sum amount to close the loan. Every lending institution has a provision for extra payments made over and above the equated monthly installments. Some of the lenders will allow you to prepay the loan but will levy 1-3% charge for foreclosing the loan.

One needs to be cautious and should know the terms and conditions about prepayment charges before availing a loan. Most of the lenders waive off the prepayment charges if you are paying off from your own pocket such as using your bonus or investment, however, if you are taking a loan from other lender to pre pay the existing loan, they can charge you more.

Change in repayment period: When you negotiate your loan tenure with your lender or planning to switch to a new lender with a new repayment structure, it will surely change your EMI. To exemplify, if you switch to a long tenure, then you have to pay a less EMI but if you opt a short tenure then your EMI will be high.

One of the associated benefits with short tenure is that one can repay the loan faster but a long tenure will result in less EMI which can shed off your loan burden. The only disadvantage of long tenure is that you will end up paying more.

Flexible repayment options: Every financial institution provides you flexible repayment with step up and step down options. One have to pay lower EMIs at the start and as the tenure reaches end, one pay higher EMIs in the step up process which is good for people who take a home loan in early age while in step down, one will pay higher EMIs in the initiative period and as the tenure reaches the end, he/she will pay lesser EMIs which is better for individuals who are near to their retirement.

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Posted on Friday February 7th, 2020

Nowadays loans are the survival tool for many individuals as they get you the money at a time of emergency in a hassle free manner. It gives you the benefit of borrowing money with pocket friendly and Affordable Rate Of Interest rather than asking family or friends for monetary help. Another advantage is repayment options where you are in favor of repaying the loan quantum as long as per choice in easy monthly installments known as EMI. One should know about the basic rules to keep in mind before applying a loan to make the loan journey more comfortable.

Affordable EMI of loan: A smart borrower never bites off more than he/she can chew comfortably. So one should take care that loan EMI should never burn a hole in your pocket. Our loan EMI should not exceed from 30% of your total monthly income. If loan to income ratio is in limit, it is always acceptable to lender. If you are unable to maintain the EMIs then it will surely give you a financial burden and mental stress and you will not be enable to focus on other financial goals.

Compare each and everything: Either it is a basic product or any other financial products, we all get active in terms of bargaining and finding the best deal available in market. There are number of banks and NBFCs offering different kind of financial services at different interest rates. The rate of financial product varies from one lender to other. Hence, it is important to compare the lenders and what benefits they are offering.

Do the calculation: The thought of borrowing more money than you need is tempting itself. It might seem to be a smart option but it will generate a burden for rest of the life. Though many of lenders offer money up to higher limits but we should not jump at this thought. It is always advisable to Apply For a Loan and borrow the money equivalent to your requirement and can be easily repaid. Therefore, calculate your finances and then borrow accordingly.

Short tenure: The EMI is lower in the case if borrower goes for a long term loan and can enjoy the tax breaks but the longer tenure ends up in paying more on interest, however, tax benefits brings the effective cost of loan down. Availing a short term loan may not always be possible for everyone because in this EMI is always high. But having sufficient income and benefits from bonuses and incentives, it is the best option to repay your loan in short tenure with increasing EMI.

Check terms and conditions carefully: When you avail a loan, you have to sign a loan agreement consists of terms and conditions regarding the loan and many legal clauses about that particular financial tool. In case you default on loan, lenders have the full authority to take any appropriate action against the borrower but under those terms and conditions.