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Posted on Monday September 19th, 2022

Nowadays loan against your residential or commercial property is a best way to raise lump sum cash. You are free to use the loan amount for any wedding event, business expansion or home renovation etc. It is an outstanding option to utilize the value of your property to meet any financial requirement. One can Apply For Loan against property and can mortgage his/her property by meeting up the eligibility criteria asked by the specific lender.

The loan amount, interest and tenure can vary from lender to lender depending upon the value of your property as well as credit worthiness. It is good to assess your financial situation before getting a loan. Here, in this blog post we have prescribed some points to look at before availing a Loan against Property. Let’s go through these points:

⇒ Assess your financial profile: One can start it by consolidating their total income and total debt including your rent, insurance premiums, children’s school fees etc. one you find the difference between two, you will come to know what you left with to pay an EMI for a new loan. There are number of lending platforms that provide EMI calculator to understand your potential. You just need to enter your desired loan amount, tenure and interest rate; you will get your EMI.

⇒ Loan repayment period: Everybody needs to fix their repayment structure judiciously. Any individual gets tempted to pick longer tenure and shorter EMIs but one must be aware that you will end up paying higher rate of interest making your borrowing cost higher. Therefore, it is good to know your EMI capacity so that you could minimize your repayment period.

⇒ Never delay your EMIs: When a borrower delays their monthly installments, lender may levy a penalty which also adds up to your loan cost. Moreover, delayed repayments can affect your credit report adversely. It is always good to be disciplined with your payments to maintain your credit profile.

⇒ Convenience: Time is priceless and crucial factor in any transaction, so one should always look for a lender with whom you can Apply For Loan against property Online rather than wasting your time by visiting a branch with pile of papers. ShubhBank offers an online lending platform which is a convenient way to avail a loan. Visit our website and click on “Apply Now” for loan against property and upload your details to submit your application.

⇒ Right lender: Any potential loan seeker should choose a lender after checking some important parameters because applying a loan with multiple institutions can hinder your credit score which can lead to loan rejection. ShubhBank is a renowned lending platform that offers loans with complete transparency and has a smooth operation with speedy loan processing. It would be a wise decision to choose an authentic lender with easy eligibility criteria.

Hence, after going through these points, you must be aware of the fact that these things are extremely important to make any informed decision regarding mortgaging your commercial or residential property to fulfill your personal or professional needs.

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Posted on Monday September 12th, 2022

Nowadays, one of the easier methods of financing a home purchase is availing a home loan but sometimes your loan application gets declined. These reasons can be as simple as not meeting the basic eligibility proposed by the lender or some of the documentation errors in your KYC details as well as property title.

In this article, we will discuss some of the significant reasons of the rejection at the time you Apply For Home Loan. We will guide you through these points that keeping these factors in your mind while availing a loan can lower or nil the rejection of your application.

● Low credit score: Every lender prefers to sanction the loan to its customers who are having a credit score above than 750 as it reflects your capability of repaying the loan and lowers the risk of default. However, if you credit score is poor then try to improve your credit score before getting a home loan to avoid rejection and to negotiate on better terms of loan.

● Age of borrower: Generally, home loan is a long term with repayment period going up to 25-30 years. In case, if you are applying for home loan near to your retirement age, then the chances of rejection are higher. If anyhow you get approval on your loan application, then you have to pay the higher down payment and you have to provide some additional guarantees such as younger co-applicant.

● Insufficient paperwork: Improper documentation can be one of the main reasons behind the rejection of your home loan. If you fail to provide any single document asked by the lender, it can impact the entire loan approval procedure. Therefore, it is good to checklist all the required documents before getting a loan to avoid any troubles through loan procedure.

● Unstable job: Your job stability is the crucial factor consider by every lender as it indicates the regular cash flow to repay your loan within the stipulated time. However, frequent job hopping can impact your home loan eligibility adversely and reflects the sense of uncertainty about your credit-worthiness in the lender’s mind.

● High debt to income ratio: A high debt to income ratio of borrower indicates that a larger part of your income is utilized in servicing existing loans or other expenses. So, prior to loan application, one must ensure himself/herself as well as lender that they have low debt to income ratio. You must be aware of the thing that your loan EMIs should not cross the 50% of your monthly income.

● Unauthorized property: The loan application doesn’t depend upon only meeting the eligibility criteria but it is also based upon the paperwork regarding property to be purchased. It is advisable to check the every aspect of property to make sure that the property is free from legal issues and should meet all the guidelines of local authority.

Hence, it is good to ensure yourself that you fulfill all the guidelines and eligibility criteria of loan then Apply For Home Loan Online or offline to ensure smooth home buying experience.

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Posted on Monday August 22nd, 2022

A loan against property is categorized under secured type of loans where you kept your residential or commercial property as collateral against the loan money. The quantum of loan depends upon the market value of the property which is about 70-80% of the overall price. Lap can be availed by both salaried persons and self-employed individuals as it fall under secured category.

You can Apply For Loan Against Property and utilize it for various purposes as per your needs like home renovation, wedding expenses, business expansion as well as higher education. In this blog post, we have listed some of the reasons that how beneficial is to fund your financial goals with loan against property:

Higher loan quantum: As we mentioned earlier, your property valuation decided the loan amount but the quantum is much bigger as compared to other secured loans such as Personal Loan. It will allow the borrower to unlock the potential of their property and get higher loan amount.

Minimal interest rate: The interest charges on LAP is comparatively lower as it is a secured loan and results in lower EMI and interest outgo for the borrower. If you are seeking a loan with big ticket size and loan tenure, it is better to avail loan against property as it is one of the convenient option and easier to be repaid.

Longer repayment period: The repayment period under mortgage loan can be up to 10-15 years whereas in case of Personal Loan, it will be only for 5-6 years. The longer tenure will help you in easing out the financial burden on you. Some borrowers also prefer to get a LAP because it offers the flexible repayment structure.

Easy eligibility: Being in a category of secured loan, the eligibility criteria for loan against property is very simple for both the salaried and self-employed individuals. Some lending institutions such as ShubhBank also provide doorstep services to their borrowers along with easy eligibility criteria.

Easy repayment: Most of the lending institutions offer you great flexibility with LAP. In this loan, you get a sanction particular amount on the basis of property price but you only have to pay the interest on the money you take as a loan out of the total sanctioned funds. This way you can align your loan repayments and other financial goals in a better way.

Foreclosure and repayment charges: As this loan scheme falls under longer repayment period and big ticket size, so most of the lenders do not levy extra charges on prepayment. It makes the closing of loan easy and stress-free as compared to other loan solutions otherwise, foreclosure or prepayment charges can burn a hole in your pocket if you try to reduce your debt burden.

Hence, these are some of the benefits that one can get after they Apply For Loan Against Property Online or offline to fund their other financial goals in long run. ShubhBank is known for offering loan against property at affordable interest rates with nominal documentation as well as with quick and easy approval process.

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Posted on Tuesday August 16th, 2022

One will be surprised to know that he/she can get a financial security along with Home Loan because there are so many ways to save funds on it. The great thing about a home loan is that it can help you save on your monthly repayments. Therefore, one can save a lot on their home reading all the terms and conditions.

A great way to save money on home loan is to avail the most economical loan possible and then repay it off as earlier as possible. In this way, you can save money on interest rate while you are paying monthly installments on the principal amount that are smaller than charged for other mortgages.

A borrower should check and compare all the loan features with different lenders before you Apply For Home Loan to get a best deal out of all. In this blog post, we have listed some of the easiest ways to save funds on your home loan:

Negotiate with lender: When you request a lower rate of interest on your home loan with a specific lender is known as negotiating and its rate depend upon your relationship with the lender. It is important to maintain a good financial relation with lender because if you are a good customer then it would be costly for a lender to lose you.

So, always request a negotiation if you are getting a better deal with other lender. Negotiation helps you to get lower interest rate and better terms if done properly. It would make you able to save more by using your skills efficiently.

Make a large down payment: The clever way to save funds on home loan is to pay large down payment so that you avail only necessary amount which will reduce your interest outgo on principal amount. It is always convenient to make large size down payment instead of taking an additional amount.

It is advisable to keep some part of funds as an emergency fund in case of exigencies. Hence, keep check on both these points and evaluate how much money you can spare for down payment.

Do thorough research: It may be an under-rated step that can help you save a lot of bucks on your home loan. One should do a thorough research on all the available deals and also compare the various rates that are being levied by different lenders. You can check on various lenders at different lending platforms, what they are offering and what you are getting into.

One can also research at regular intervals to know what kind of interest rate changes are happening in lending market and what you are giving in comparison of that.

Increase your EMI: Home loans always have longer tenure so you can increase your monthly installments with increase in your earnings. It will reduce the tenure on your loan as well as interest outgo on home loan. Always keep in mind that increased income would lead to increased expenses therefore, you would be required to account for increased living costs too.

Hence, these are some of the methods which you can follow to save funds on your home loan. One can Apply For Home Loan Online with ShubhBank offering competitive interest rates with no hidden charges and experience best-in-class services.

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Posted on Monday July 18th, 2022

Loan against property is a secured type of credit solution that can be availed for any need and there are no restrictions on the end usage. This loan has same features and functionality as that of Personal loan but has some of the major differences such as you can avail higher loan amount against property, need to pledge your own property as collateral and has a longer tenure.

When you Apply For Loan against property you need to pledge an immovable property whether residential or commercial property as security against loan. The processing of LAP is bit different as it requires additional verification and checks before approving the loan application. In this blog post, we have mentioned followed steps involved in the LAP processing:

Fill out the loan application: It is the first step to process the mortgage loan where one has to start filling out the loan application that requires your basic details such as personal information, income details, tax status, property details, and loan amount as well as employment status. Make sure to fill all the columns without making any mistakes because a small error will be responsible for the rejection of your loan.

Confirm the details: Once you have applied for Loan against property, a loan representative from the lending institution will call you to verify your KYC, residential address as well as do initial property verification. After confirming the details, your loan application will be processed to next step. This check is done to ascertain your loan eligibility to approve the loan.

Submit the required documents: This is the most important step in the approval process as you need to submit or upload all the required documents that involve KYC details, income proof, residence proof, ITR slips, property documents and other papers asked by the lender. Make sure to submit the latest documents and property should be free from any litigation.

Document verification: After getting all the documents submitted, the lender will conduct a verification check of all the provided papers. Although there is no restriction on end-usage of loan money but verification is done to ensure the loan quantum will be paid back timely. A lender will also evaluate the property papers to finalize your loan amount depending upon their policies.

Approval: Following a successful verification, lender will contact a borrower to discuss the rate of interest and other terms and conditions. Either you Apply For Loan against property Online or offline, you have to sign the loan agreement to get an approval on your loan application. Then your loan will move to final step of disbursal where your loan money is transferred directly to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

A Loan against property is suitable for fulfilling any type of financial requirement whether it is personal or professional. The LAP process is straightforward and the interest rates are lower as compared to a Personal Loan. In case you have any doubt or query about mortgage loan processing, you can raise the issue directly with the lender before applying for loan.

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Posted on Monday July 11th, 2022

A home loan helps you to turn the dream of owning a home into reality. There are number of financial and lending institutions who offer home loans at lowest possible interest rates giving you best deals to fulfill your dream. Purchasing a house is always a biggest investment, so it would be your top priority to manage it well.

However, repaying a home loan is a biggest responsibility of an individual and you have to pay back in a disciplined method after you Apply For Home Loan to manage it properly but if you have some other loans over head then try to clear those loans first and keep your housing loan at last. This would not only help you to manage your loans better but this move would also bring you other benefits. Let’s take a look:

Low rate of interest: Housing loans come with the lowest interest rate so it’s always a better idea to clear the loan with high rates first. Credit card and unsecured loans fall into this category whose interest rates can go as high as 20%. As compared to this, home loans can be availed at as low as 8% from some financial institution.

Therefore, it is a good idea to settle the personal or credit card loans first then settle the auto loans that come with higher rates than the home loan, if you want to manage your loans in stress-free manner.

Tax benefits: The home loan is totally different from credit card or vehicle loan or personal loan because it offers tax benefits both on principal amount as well as interest rate which can prove to be beneficial in long run since home appreciates in value over time. If you consider tax benefits that it brings, it would be a great decision to serve the home loans after paying back all the loans.

Rising expenses: Nowadays, living expenditure is sky-rocketing and things will definitely work in your favor if you repay your home loan in last after servicing other existing loans. However, paying back the housing loan earlier would eat up a large portion of your earnings leaving a little amount for other expenses. Hence, it would be a wise decision to keep your home loan repayments last to the list.

Sudden urgencies: Future is unpredictable so beware that emergencies might hit you anytime and might throw your life out of gear. It would be really helpful if you have some funds in your hands to deal with such urgencies and if you have spent all of them on repaying EMIs at the earliest then you might have to strive when you need it most.

Therefore, now you know all the benefits you can avail with home loan and have dream to own your house and lack of funds then there is no need to worry at all about finances. All you need to do is to Apply For Home Loan Online at ShubhBank.com to avail loan at competitive interest rates with minimal paperwork.