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Posted on Thursday August 4th, 2022

If you are struggling with a financial issue then a personal loan from ShubhBank is a convenient option to fulfill all your personal and professional needs. One can access the funds to start a new venture, to travel abroad for vacations, to buy an expensive gadget or many more after applying for a personal loan. It gives you complete financial assistance to manage your expenses without exhausting your emergency fund.

Any salaried person or self-employed individual can Apply For Personal Loan at ShubhBank to avail instant cash in your pocket at the time of sudden emergency. These loans are categorized in unsecured loans where you don’t need any asset to pledge for the approval on loan. The quantum of loan depends upon several factors such as your income, credit score, age and repayment history.

Here, In this blog post, we will discuss about the ways in which ShubhBank fulfills your loan requirements:

Instant Approval: Our institution understands the value of time and sometimes, a person has little or no funds to tackle the financial crisis. In case of emergency, one cannot wait longer to avail the immediate funds. If your documents are in hands, your loan approval will take just for minutes to be processed.

Affordable interest rates: There are numerous lenders present in the market who offer lucrative interest rates on personal loans which are cheaper than credit card loans. Moreover, processing of loan takes less time to credit the funds to the borrower’s bank account. One can avail instant Personal Loans at competitive rates. Everybody wants loans at lower rates as cost of living is very high these days.

Minimal paperwork: The online loan processing has made the credit funding paperless and one can get the loan without any physical verifications. A borrower can verify his/her credit score online and upload the other details in online loan application form instead of collecting piles of papers.

Flexible repayments: It is the main concern of every borrower to handle the monthly installments as it can add up an extra burden to your monthly budget. Therefore, ShubhBank brings a personal loan for you whom you can repay in flexible repayments. One can choose different tenures according to their budget as well as different modes of repayment to ease their pocket and to maintain their financial health in the future.

High loan quantum: Loan seekers can get the option to choose the loan amount between few thousands to several lacs depending upon their eligibility as well as credit history.

No collateral: A personal loan falls into the category of unsecured loans where you don’t require collateral to pledge against loan money. So, it is easier for borrowers to Apply For Personal Loan Online or offline without pledging any personal asset.

ShubhBank offer their customers with a personal loan to meet their various needs such as for home renovation, electric goods, for wedding expenses, to fulfill any medical emergency and to fund the vacation etc. We offer fastest disbursals and pocket friendly loan solutions in need of funds. If you are in need of personal loan, call us or apply online for it.

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Posted on Friday May 6th, 2022

Personal Loans are small sized loans that are accessible at smart rates of interest and can be easily disbursed to your bank account. Many lending institutions are offering this form of credit to people for fulfilling their needs but for shorter repayment period. All these lending companies have their own digital platform where you can Apply For Personal Loan and easily access the required funds.

The advancement in technology has motivated so many potential borrowers to avail shorter cash credits. Before the evolution of digital platforms and web portals, getting such smaller loans for traditional banks was a tedious task. Nowadays, online loans have changed the entire lending pattern.

In this blog post, we have highlighted some of the benefits of availing an online personal loan which have mentioned below:

No need of financial collateral: Personal loans are the unsecured loans and don’t require pledging any of your assets as security or collateral against loan. If you are working professional and require funds before your next paycheck, you can easily get this loan and loan repayment period is shorter.

Faster paper processing: As the whole loan process is online, the required documents are uploaded within few minutes and you loan quantum will be disbursed in your bank account within 1-2 business days if you have strong credit score as well as meet the eligibility criteria. One doesn’t have to collect the piles of paper and visit to a branch to apply for a loan.

Paperless transactions: Most of the lending institution has an easy and basic documentation process which can easily be done with mobile and electronic gadgets. It means you don’t need to visit any lending branch physically as you can avail a personal loan at a one finger click by sitting at your home or office.

No hidden fee: When you Apply For Personal Loan Online ensure yourself by reading all the terms and conditions, rate of interest, monthly installments and any other charge if applicable as there is no hidden fee on it. All these factors are highlighted on the web portal of specific lending mobile app to get a hassle-free loan.

Real-time tracking: It is one of the greatest features of personal loan that one can track their loan application. After you apply for loan, you can track your application status on your mobile through SMS or emails. Moreover, one must receive the regular updates from lender regarding the processing of their loan application.

Competitive rates of interest: Those days are gone now when branch managers handled the interest rates of loan. There are number of lending institution present online who offer highly competitive rates and you can compare the different lender and rates before you decide on specific lender to fill out your loan application. The rate of interest is fixed based upon your creditworthiness and repayment capability.

Quick loan disbursal: One has to provide their banking details along with account number, IFSC code of branch etc. hence. Your loan amount is disbursed to your bank account within few hours after approval and you can use the cash for any required purpose.

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Posted on Wednesday April 6th, 2022

A personal loan can be your savior in the times of financial crunch as it is quite handy and helps to manage both current and unplanned expenses. The introduction of technology in lending sector has speeded up the entire loan processing and you can Apply For Personal Loan easily and get approved in less than 24 hours. The factors like instant approval and fast disbursal have made the personal loans quite popular these days.

However, benefits of this unsecured loan are countless but there are few things that remained untold about it. Wait, don’t worry because we are here to tell you about some factors to acknowledge while availing a Personal Loan which is listed below:

Access loan when it’s urgent: There is no doubt that interest charges on Personal Loan are higher than any other loan product. Hence, it is good to keep in mind that always avail this loan when it’s necessary. The other important thing to remember is that loan money will help you to fund your short term needs but you have to repay it for next few years without any default. Thus, it is important to analyze your repayment capacity before taking a loan.

Know about additional costs: Before you decide a particular lender, it is good to know about the additional costs that you have to pay for processing a loan. These costs may include processing fees, verification charges, GST, penalty for late payment or foreclosure of loan and many more. One needs to make sure that he/she takes into consideration other factors than interest rate only.

Opt a short tenure: Some of the lenders in the market offer Personal Loan at long tenure with lower EMI which might be quite tempting to save some bucks on EMI but one needs to understand that paying for a longer tenure, one may end up paying more on interest rate component.

Good CIBIL score can save you a lot: It should not be surprising to know that a good credit score can help you to grab good deals and offering on Personal loan. Having a score above 700 gives you an edge to negotiate about the lower interest rate as well as asking to waive off the processing charges from the lender.

Research carefully: Nowadays, there is an enormous count of loan providers in the lending sector and most of them offer the same product at different rates of interest. It is every individual’s sole responsibility to research thoroughly about the best offers either you Apply For Personal Loan Online or offline. It is good to know prior about the rate of interest, monthly installments, processing fees etc. before you finalize a particular lender.

Therefore, if you are planning to apply for Personal Loan in no time soon, it is important to consider these above mentioned factors as they will help you to get best offering on Personal Loan and will keep you protected from the financial burden and other future troubles leading you to cross the loan journey successfully.

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Posted on Saturday March 5th, 2022

As per saying, “Life is unpredictable”, so uncertainties never come with prior warnings. Whether you are prepared for them or not, they can knock your door anytime in form of medical emergency, unforeseen home renovation, need of any home appliance and many more. These are some of the endless possibilities where one needs funds in a short time.

Some of the options which can help you to tackle these uncertainties is to dip into your emergency funds which may disrupt your long term financial goals or you can arrange funds from selling off your assets such as used car, expensive mobile handset, gold ornaments etc. However, if you Apply For Personal Loan then it can best source to avail the required funds at short notice.

It could be best remedy for those individuals who do not want to deplete their savings to handle the financial emergencies; therefore, it is good to take personal loan to get access to instant funds. Here, we have listed some of the unique features of personal which makes it best financial solution in these days.

Access to immediate funds: An emergency can be in any form, sometimes you may require less funds where some emergencies demand constant flow of cash which can increase your stress or can be source of anxiety. Getting a personal loan in such emergencies give you immediate access to funds to mitigate your expenses.

A personal loan is collateral free where you don’t have to pledge any personal asset to the lender. The loan amount is disbursed shortly after getting approval on your loan application. However, quantum is based upon your repaying capacity as well as eligibility. The major benefit of this loan is that it can be utilize for any type of need.

Quick approval: When an emergency strikes you, you count on every second and you don’t want to waste any of it. ShubhBank offers you hassle-free and quick disbursal saving your lot of time. One just have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and needs good credit score to make a loan application along with basic documentation such as KYC details, income proof and credit report.

You can also check your monthly installment by using EMI calculator to have an idea of your monthly budget to avoid any debt-trap.

Fast Disbursal: After the successful verification of your documents, you will be provided with an agreement where all the terms and conditions regarding loan is listed and you have to sign it after reading it carefully. The loan amount is transferred to your bank account shortly within 2-3 working days on approval.

Flexible tenure: One can Apply For Personal Loan Online or offline at ShubhBank as it offers you competitive rates of interest and flexible tenure of 6 month to 60 months to repay the entire loan amount. One can also opt out EMI amount that suits to their budget without leading you in debt burden.

A personal loan from ShubhBank in an emergency is one of the best solutions to meet any of the uncertainties with convenient processing, minimal documentation as well as easy eligibility.

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Posted on Monday September 6th, 2021

A personal loan is one of the best options for any short-term financial crunch or immediate emergency. This unsecured loan is quite handy and can easily manage the planned as well as unplanned expenses. The advancement in the technology and the digitalization in lending sector have speeded up the entire loan process, therefore one can Apply For Personal Loan instantly and get the approval for it in less than an hour.

Everything sounds so good about this loan such as quick approval, fast disbursal and many more factors like these which make personal loans, one of the widely accepted financial products among the majority of people. However, there are several benefits associated with this loan but there are certain things about the loan which remain untold. In this article, we will mention some tips about personal loan that nobody going to tell you.

Secure in need: Being an unsecured loan, the rate of interest rate is comparatively higher than other secured loans. So, keep all this in your mind, always apply for a personal loan when you are not left with any other option. It is good to understand that as this loan helps to cover your short-term crisis, you will be paying back it for coming years with interest. Hence, make yourself sure about your repayment capacity within your income.

Additional charges: Before you decide to go with a specific lending institution for taking a personal loan, you need to know about all the terms and additional charges along with interest rates charged by that lender. These additional charges may include processing fees, penalty charges for prepayment or late payment of EMIs, verification charges etc. Make sure that you take these things into consideration as these factors can club together to form bigger amount.

Pick a short tenure: Most of the lenders provide personal loans for longer tenure with lower EMI. It may be quite tempting but you end up paying more on the component, so always try to pick up a short tenure.
Good CIBIL score: A good credit score always helps you to grab the best deals on a personal loan. It will give you the power to negotiate the lower interest rate with the lender to reduce your loan burden.

Research thoroughly: Nowadays, there are innumerable personal loan providers in the lending market offering the same product at different rates of interest. To grab a best deal on your personal loan, it is important to do thorough research before choosing a lender for you. Select a loan provider after comparing every feature such as interest rate, terms and condition, loan tenure etc. and then Apply For Personal Loan Online or offline according to your requirement.

Hence, if you are looking to sign for a personal loan application, it is important to consider above mentioned tips as they will not only help you to catch the best deals on personal loan but it will also keep you stress free from the debt trap as well as avoid the future troubles.

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Posted on Wednesday August 4th, 2021

Personal loans are unsecured types of loans that do not require any security and it can fulfill every need, dream or purpose. To be at the top, they are quick and convenient. In this article, let us have a look that how to manage your expenses when you Apply For Personal Loan. Therefore, we will discuss the different expenses that can be fulfilled with personal loans.

√ Emergency Expenses: Sometimes in your life, you face unpredicted expenses which may require arranging the sudden funds either foe medical emergency or urgent travelling. A personal loan can be a perfect fit to meet such immediate expenses. You can get necessary funds at a flexible tenure with a personal loan that has negligible spending restriction. Knowing your tenure and rate of interest in advance will help you to plan your budget. Since these loans are disbursed in the form of cash transferred to your account which you can utilize to manage multiple expenses.

√ Higher Studies: Pursuing higher studies, especially in abroad, is a dream come true for most of the people. However, it is an expensive affair as you have to pay tuition fees along with accommodation and living expenses but you need not to give up on such an amazing opportunity due to shortage of cash. Hence, you can avail a Personal Loan from ShubhBank at competitive interest rates. The loan amount will help you to pursue higher education with the coverage of tuition fees as well as other expenses.

√ Home Improvement: The exterior and interior of your home play a crucial role in setting your mood for the rest of the day as well as ensure you to feel relieved when you are back home after an exhausting day. However, there are few times when you may want to add up a room or to renovate your home. It could be either from wear and tear your home has experienced in past years or you want a change. Instead of using your savings you can take a Personal Loan from ShubhBank for home improvement. So, if you are looking to build a modular kitchen or want to change the floor of your home, you can go ahead with this loan.

√ Wonderful Vacations: Both the children and adults lead hectic lives these days and most of them look forward to exotic destinations in holidays. This leisure time help us to spend quality time with our friends and family to enjoy new experiences, to increase productivity, witness different cultures and also to feel rejuvenated, so get a Personal Loan for yourself, and travel to all exotic and gorgeous destinations. It would not only give you the chance to click wonderful pictures to be posted on social media platform but also develop cherish able moments.

To reiterate, there are number of other expenses such as working capital requirement for new venture or existing businesses that can be met by personal loans as the important thing to remember is that these loans are unsecured loans and are not restricted to any particular use.