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Posted on Friday August 26th, 2022

Nowadays, gold loan has become immensely popular as it offers various ways to repay the loan as compared to other secured loans. Most of the people take gold as investment, not only as ornament. One can pledge his/her gold ornaments as collateral with the lender who offers loan amount against provided gold jewelry to fulfill their personal or business needs.

Therefore, you can Apply For Gold Loan to get rid of any financial problem and contingency. It is one of the easiest ways to raise the funds for various needs such as medical emergencies, travel purposes, business deals and many more. The other reasons individuals avail gold loan at lowest possible interest rates and also have an option of flexible repayment structure.

A gold loan can be repaid in various ways unlike other secured loans. In this article, we have listed some of the super easy ways to repay the gold loan. Let’s read about those ways:

● Periodic EMIs: Most of the borrowers prefer this method where they have to pay the loan money from the month following the month of disbursal. It is a convenient option for salaried individuals who have regular flow of cash. The EMI comprises both the principal amount as well as interest charges. It is an easy repayment process as it deducts from your bank account monthly.

You can also opt auto debit method where the EMIs are automatically debited from your account on a fixed date for easy repayment. This way also helps you out to reduce the liability of interest rate as the loan tenure progresses ahead.

● Periodic Interest: It is one of the most common ways to repay the gold loan where interest rate and principal amount are kept separate from each other. One only has to pay the interest amount in form of EMIs and principal amount is paid at the end of loan tenure. It is best option for borrowers who want to keep their installment smaller or don’t have stable monthly income.

● Bullet repayment: This repayment method makes you to repay the interest and principal amount at the end of gold loan term. During the repayment period, neither you have to pay the interest nor the principal money. One has to repay the entire amount at the end of gold loan that is known as bullet repayment as you repay the whole amount at once at the end.

● Partial repayment: It is another method to repay a loan against gold where you can make the partial payments of interest as well as principal according to your needs and cash availability. You don’t have to pay the EMI every month as you can make the payments wholly or partially comprises of both interest and principle quantum.

Hence, one can witness various options for the repayment of gold loan but ask the lender about the flexibility of repayment before they Apply For Gold Loan Online or offline to avoid any debt burden or default. For more information on gold loan, visit ShubhBank for rescue in case of financial emergency.