Posted on Wednesday February 20th, 2019

Life does not always move according to the plans. They are high and low ebbs in everybody’s life, and financial requirements may crop up at any time. It may be emergency medical expenses, unforeseen educational expenses of the child or pumping in funds to the existing business and many more and one needs to have funds in hand to meet them. The suddenness of fund requirement needs to be fulfilled, and the relatives or the friends may be unable to help, and one needs to take loans from banks and other financial institutions. Taking the traditional credit is a time-consuming affair as it requires lots of documentation. It is best in these types of cases to take a gold loan with shubhbank and other financial organizations at a moderate interest rate.

The Process:
Taking loan against keeping gold as collateral security is quite a simple process. One needs to pledge the ornaments, biscuits, coins, bars and any other material made of gold to the lending bank or the financial institution. This type of organizations after scrutinizing the necessary documents and evaluating the pledged ornaments by an expert decide on the amount of loan and sanctions it. Often the credit against them is sanctioned within five minutes, and the amount is disbursed immediately through demand draft, cash or online transfer to the account.

Availing The Loan:
One can “Apply For Gold Loan Online” visiting any of their desired bank or financial institution’s website. The websites of these banks and institutions are informative and provide all the details of taking the loan. One can get the hassle free loan against pledging gold at a very moderate interest rate and extended period of prepayments through monthly installments. The process of taking a credit against them is entirely transparent and is quick and efficient.

However, one needs to visit the bank or the financial institute with the gold that is intended to be pledged so that the experts do a proper evaluation of the material and the amount settled. It needs to be done after the application is made online and the financial institute shows interest and reverts on the subject. The document for the title to be pledged for the loan should also be taken to the bank or the financial institution at the time for scrutiny and evaluation. Many of the financial institutions provide a credit as high as 85% of the value that has been pledged.

The gold pledged is entirely safe from any tamper or damage and one can get them back in the same form as at the time of pledging after clearing the amount and all other dues. One can get up to 15 lakhs as loan amount against pledging the gold.

It is always better to take the loans to meet emergency needs and not selling them. Many institutions have opened their doors to provide loans keeping the gold as collateral security, and one can avail the can easily without wasting time.