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Posted on Friday September 7th, 2018

The magic behind the plastic currency is just swipe it, punch your pin and lastly sign a receipt. That’s the reason, a CREDIT CARD is something that all people want as they have made our life easy, boosted our purchasing power and also saves us from carrying wads of cash. They are the forerunners of cashless transaction and popular mode of making payments either for shopping or paying bills. They are essential in life without any argue and good way of building a credit score. So if you are looking for an appropriate “card that is loaded with perks and benefits” and too have a quick approval, you are on right platform. ShubhBank offers all this and many more financial products that are pocket friendly. The different categories are issued for general and customized spending i.e. dining cards, travel cards, fuel cards and shopping cards. We provide these benefits of card to the card holder:

• It boosts you to spend large that can be repaid in EMI’s.
• It provides you the ease of making payments and purchases.
• It helps you to build good credit score.
• You can easily track your expenses.
• It provides you benefits like discounts, rewards and other cash backs.

There are number of factor that you should consider before “Choosing a Credit Card” depending upon the purpose of use. Find out the suitable value added features, offers, deals and discounts that can be consider while using it internationally or domestically. MASTER CARD and VISA are the two leading associations which are globally accepted. One should apply for it after comparing offerings and providers in market. If your paperwork is in place in terms of eligibility requirements and documentation, it can be done either online or visiting our branch. Just login to our website and fill the application form. Online applicants can cater the services such as “instant e-approvals, quicker processing and dispatch of card”. The eligibility criteria in general that should be satisfied by the bank is that the applicant must be age of in between 21 to 60 years, stable employment/income, proven record of creditworthiness and resident of India.

The documents required to submit a duly filled in application form are ID proof, salary slips, business continuity certificate and income tax return to prevent default and fraud. They are spending convenient so quickly adapt an appropriate usage pattern. If you take care of usage, it can give you tempting benefits in long term use. A well-managed usage builds a good credit score making it easier for you to get loan in future. Always try to pay your bills in full as the minimum amount due can accumulate interest on it, that will impact your score negatively. It is completely controlled by you, just look it as a tool that will earn you cash-back for spending, repaying big purchases in easy EMI’s and reward points to make it favorable for you. Getting a new card also gives you the advantage of joining bonus and many other benefits. So make the most of it and manage your finances easily.