Posted on Monday June 24th, 2019

If you’re looking for a piece of machinery or equipment that is going to boost your business’s revenue but you don’t have the money to buy that. Fortunately, there is an equipment loan offered by ShubhBank for that. The equipment loan helps business owners in acquiring the equipment that would be too expensive to buy with savings. It is a great way for business owners who want to grow their revenues with a certain piece of machinery. The financing options when compared to an unsecured loan have a less risk for both borrower and the lender. Every business unit has its own type of equipment, so these types of loans are diverse. For example, in construction industry, there are lenders that offer machinery loan for heavy machinery and in agricultural field; there are lenders that offer equipment for specifically helping the small farmers. There is going to be a lender that finances specific equipment for every type of business unit you can think of.

A machinery loan is almost similar to a vehicle loan, where the purchased thing itself acts as collateral. Because of this reason, it is relatively easy to qualify for an equipment loan. Before sanctioning you a loan, every lender will carefully take into account your credit history, years in business, cash flow etc. In case of default, the lender is able to repossess the equipment just as they would with a vehicle loan. Let’s take a look at the benefits and risks of an Equipment Loan.


• Easy to obtain: This loan has the collateral built right in, which makes it less risky on default for the online lender or bank. Being secured loan, this makes easier for you to get your loan approved.

• Preservation of cash flow: the best thing about machinery loan is you can find financing in it with no down payment. This benefit allows you to use your working capital for other business needs. It can boost your net value quickly while protecting your cash flow.

• Increases revenue: If you have done your research properly and that piece of machinery is what you need to take your unit to next level, an equipment loan is a no brainer. It increases your income without a big hit to your operating capital.


• Used for capital only: when you use a Machinery Loan you can use it to buy the specific equipment only. You can’t use it for other business operations or anything else.

• You might buy equipment of no use: If you don’t do your research properly, you might end up buying equipment that doesn’t pay for itself, which could have an adverse effect on your business.
There is lot of options out there either benefits or risks make sure you compare both and look for a best equipment loan offer. With the right choice, you can make a lasting impact on your business by securing equipment financing. When you have right tools to operate your business unit, it increases your efficiency and satisfaction.