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Posted on Thursday November 1st, 2018

Life is unpredictable and it really doesn’t matter how much you have saved to face financial emergencies but there comes a time when you may need a little cash to come out of such uncertainties or financial crunch. Monetary urgencies are the most common and if you cannot prepare yourself for such uncertainties, they can put your financial health in jeopardy. To overcome the money shortfall “A Personal Loan May Help You” to meet your financial needs. It gives you the power to tackle your cash crunch on your own without depending on anyone for help. Personal loan from ShubhBank provides you the option through which you can gain financial assistance without having a dip into your hard earned savings. It acts as a most viable option to ease-up cash flow during money shortage and can be used for achieving your money goals in such as medical expenses, weddings, home renovations, holiday trips, higher education, buying machinery or expensive tools for business operations and debt consolidation. We provide it on the basis of various factors such as your credit history, income, professional details and repayment capacity.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan and is helpful when you are stuck in financial crunch. This can be opted for other reasons also, such as minimal documentation, fast processing and the flexibility to use the quantum as per your requirement. As an unsecured loan, it is offered without keeping any assets as collateral. They are purely based on the applicant’s credit history. Higher credit rating indicates that you have a good financial history and able to repay the loan. Maintaining a good CIBIL score can provide you other benefits, such as higher loan amount, lower interest rates or low processing charges etc. interest rates are fixed according to applicant’s income, borrowed amount and loan tenure that differ from lender to lender. It can be availed for time duration as per your requirement but at longer duration, higher interest rates are offered. We require minimum paperwork and once you are approved, loan quantum is quickly disbursed in to your bank account. Do take note on interest rates, offering and repayment capacity to avoid any debt trap in future.

A personal loan is an easy and reliable way to tackle your monetary emergencies without any hassle. Either you are salaried or self-employed; you are eligible for a loan. We consider your eligibility criteria on various factors such as your age, income, credit rating existing EMI’s and repayment ability. The loan processing is done when the required document are in place. Before applying, plan a budget to ensure that your monthly budget is not stretched and you minimize the chances of default. ShubhBank provides you the convenience to compare the available options offered by several banks. We allow you to review the loan options based on key criteria specified by you. So find the right loan product with us that meets all your terms and conditions and apply for it either online at our website or by visiting our branch.